Do you exercise?

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thanks for the bird dog one. i doubt i can do the last one, high planks, but the others -yes I can do those. tomorrow will tell.
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Just like @Stitchnripper I am trying to ward off the elderly (like that) although I may have already arrived
forgot to add snow shoveling in winter and gardening in summer.
finding the right balance that will allow me to do a bit of everything I love as long as possible, is the goal.
Thank you for the link @ibex94 good one for before getting out of bed, while making plans for the day
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In the nice weather I try to walk a mile most days. Like most of you said, I'm fairly active most of the day but not as active as I used to be. I have a slipped disc in my back that is compressing some nerves so at times I do need to sit for a bit until the pain subsides which usually is just a few minutes. I think back issues may vary from one person to the next. For me, I've tried PT and it just didn't help at all. I've seen two different orthopedists and both said only fix for my back is surgery. I really don't want to deal with back surgery as I fear it won't go as planned so I've had the steroid injections twice and am due for number three next week. So far they have helped a lot.

I feel like each of us has different issues to deal with so not everyone can be as active as they might like. For some it may be personal commitments or obligations and for others, it may be health issues. Talking about it here on the forum can be very positive and hopefully motivate us to think about exercise more and move a little more. It's almost like walking with a friend. If you make a commitment to walk with a friend each day, you feel guilty making an excuse about why you can't go.
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I thought I played table tennis, but I've read the article and it turned out that I was playing ping pong I've been learning a lot about myself lately.
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I’m 75. I only shower when I wash my hair & it’s dry so I can go over a week. Each day I get in the bathtub with no assistance. I use a wall grab bar for safety when stepping out. I’ve done it this way for many years. This is no problem for me and I think it keeps me limber because I have no problem getting down & up from the floor or bending. My friend goes to Pilates & she says they are advised to get down on the floor every day, no matter what.
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