Double Bed

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My DH is 6' 1", his feet hang off the end of a double bed.
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Nope. I can't. I've done it once with my husband. We might be able to do it with just the two of us but considering we always have at least 2 of the three dogs in bed with us (and sometimes all three) a double bed is just too small.
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When I was married we had both double and queen size beds at various times. Now I have a double. Since I'm still very large and have 3 medium size beagles, it makes sharing the bed interesting. The dogs generally end up lined up parallel to the width of the bed then backed up to me; If I get there first, I get about 1/3 of the bed; if I'm last, I get to grab for whatever space I can. As for bedcovers, I can't even explain the process except that the bed linens get changed several times per week.
From my perspective get the smallest bed you feel comfortable in. Unless you have a very large bedroom the space saved can be used more effectively. Joyce in Delaware
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Have had a double bed for almost 50 years.
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Originally Posted by JenniePenny View Post
same with my house. Small rooms so we have a double.
We have a teensy bedroom that could hold a queen bed, but we preferred the double. Be happy with your double. Someday it may be too big for you. I found that out. My husband was 6'6-3/4" tall - But,,,,, I am going to start on a quilt that I would like king size so that the sides hang over a ways and also the bedroom is in the northwest corner of the house and in Minnesota it gets pretty darn cold in the winter and I need a quilt over my comforter.

Have a good day. Edie
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First world problems.
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We have slept on a double bed for 52 1/2 years. All that will fit into our bedroom. It has plenty of room for the both of us. Our pets do not sleep with us.
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When we bought our house the bedroom downstairs wouldn't handle a king size bed so we went down to a queen. That didn't last long. I moved the bedroom upstairs and got a king size bed. We were snugglers like some couples are. We both like to spread out. Hence why I always kept two separate blankets on the bed, one for him and one for me. When I get cold, I don't care whose blanket it is, I take it. When we split I bought a full size for my downstairs bedroom and used it up until he finally moved out. It was such a comfortable bed and I usually had grandkids or my daughter climbing into my bed with no problems. When he moved out, I bought a great big kind size bed just for me. Of course I still have grandkids climbing in my bed along with my daughter but that's ok. I would never turn down visiting someone I cared about just because of the bed. I've been at my sisters plenty of times during her different rental apts and had to sleep on sofas, the floor, bunk bed. It doesn't matter, I wanted to spend time with her. If I had to I would have gotten a hotel but I always visit the ones I love. I've spent the night at my sons house who lives 10 min from me and slept on his sofa just because we wanted to spend time together or when I came home from surgery and he didn't want me at my house alone. I have lots of aches and pains no matter what but that won't stop me from being with my loved ones.
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