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Default Drinks

What do you drink? I used to drink Diet Pepsi almost 100% of the time. I never drank water and only had milk on my cereal. I then spent a week in the hospital. The pop machine in the commons room had just been taken out 2 days before I was admitted. My only option after that; water. I was in the psych ward, so I cried and cried and cried. I think I got over the headaches of caffeine withdrawal, because my head hurt from all the crying. lol Now I drink water 90% of the time, some sweet tea the other.

How about you? What's your beverage of choice?
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I try to drink more water. my Sister drinks it like she's a fish! i tend to drink tea. either Sun tea or Snapple i buy at the store. also cranberry juice and a bit of orange juice.
sodas are bad for us. and yes you had withdrawal from them. Once in awhile i may get a soda if i buy fast food somewhere. But i dont really miss them now. so don't get back on them. good for you in your change. keep it up!!!
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Oh I have a big time addiction to Diet Pepsi.. I have three can down before 9 AM... I have been trying to slowing reduce my consumption . Caffeine withdrawl is painfull the headaches are just brutal. Congradulations on kicking the habit... I really know what you must have gone through.
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Unfortunately I'm a coke fan(atic)....regular, NO diet, in a chilled glass, poured slowly down the side with one large piece of ice. I've gone on the wagon several times over this stuff, but it never seems to take! I drink less than 2 a day, though.
I drink iced tea with lemon and LOTS of ice, sweetened or not, and water as often as I can make myself do so.
Also beer or gin and tonic with lemon/lime occasionally.

Jan in VA
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I used to drink tea all day every day... hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon in the hot weather. I recently heard/read that the caffeine when eating causes weight gain, so after my two morning cups of tea, I switch to cold water from the fridge.
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I am mainly a hot tea drinker. If it's too hot for tea, mainly water. I occasionally drink a soda but not often. I figure I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.
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I drink mostly iced tea, occasionally a Coke Zero. Water when I'm feeling I should be good. In the winter hot Chai tea. I love the spices.
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drink one diet coke a day other wise water. sometimes milk at
a meal but mostly water. and sometimes green tea with a shot of bandy in it.
good for what ails you ha ha
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I drink mostly water and tea (hot or cold). Juice would be third, in line. Occasionally, I'll have a cup of coffee or a nutritional beverage. Haven't had soda/pop, in ages.

Just read the post above mine, which reminded me of a yummy treat, I sometimes have! Hot chocolate, with a splash of coconut rum! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
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Diet Coke is my guilty pleasure. Yes, I know it isn't good for me. I can barely tolerate most liquids including the water here which is really very good. I drink some coffee in the a.m. and some green tea in the pm. And milk on my cereal. I eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and I think I must be getting hydration from them.
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