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Check out Freebooksy, bookbub , and bargainbooks. All have greats books to choose from. Your library also has free book to borrow.
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Check out the cozy-mystery.com site for suggestions on what to read. Most are not bloody and there are lots of series to choose from.

Do you belong to goodreads.com? You can read reviews and get suggestions there, too.

My public library offers free downloads of e-books online. Yours may also, and I've discovered some good authors that way. I read a lot of mysteries. You might like the Miss Kopp series by Amy Stewart, set in the early 1900s. I love Louise Penny, too, as well as Jacqueline Winspear, Elly Griffiths, and Charlaine Harris.
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If you like dogs, Laurien Berensen's dog show series of mysteries are great, very light and amusing.
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Originally Posted by Tothill View Post
Do you like Inspector Morse Mysteries? They are available on Audible with Kevin Whatley narrating. He was Inspector Lewis.

I am not sure if Louise Penny's books are available for e-readers, but they are delightful stories that take place outside of Montreal
I have all of Louise Penny's books on my e-reader. They are available, and a great read.
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Love your signature Tish05. Love Emerson, too.
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Valerie Anand wrote The Norman Quartet consisting of 1) Gildenford 2)The Norman Pretender 3)The Disputed Crown
and 4) King of the Wood.

They are about the coming of William the Conquerer to England, the ruling English king he deposed, the Doomsday Book and how these events in general affected the common people. Historically accurate and highly entertaining.
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Originally Posted by leonf View Post
Love your signature Tish05. Love Emerson, too.
Thanks for all the suggestions will try to download them all (actually my son will).
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I have vision issues and listen to audio books. I also have insomnia and so have a lot of time on my hands... I typically go through 2-3 books a week. The other thing nice about audio books is I can listen while sewing and so can do two hobbies at once! I have Amazon Prime so have Audio, but get most as downloads from my local library system. They also have books on CD.

I do more action/adventure/spy sort of things for the most part like the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child or anything by Clive Cussler, but I listen to all sorts of things from fantasy fiction to biographies. For historical type of things, I really liked the series by Sara Donati that starts with "Into the Wilderness". It's basically the characters from Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper and covers from the pre-revolutionary war to about 1812 or so. Been a couple of years, but I really enjoyed the characters and story and got some history with Canada along the way.

I seem to have a lot of "alternate Sherlock Holmes" books going on right now. I really enjoy the Barker & Llewelyn series by Will Thomas, as well as the Mary Russell/Mrs. Sherlock books by Laurie King. In a similar vein/time period, I just finished one of the Gilded Age books by Rosemary Simpson (Sherlock Holmes time period but in New York with a female protagonist) and I just found the Rosalind Thorne books. Again, set in the late 1800s with a female lead. Very similar to the others are set in San Francisco is a series by Sarah Woolson.

You might also like the more historical based books from the Elm Creek Quilters books by Jennifer Chiaverini.
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I enjoyed Carol Dean Jones’ Quilting Cozy series. The first book in the series is Tie Died. I also really liked Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series.
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In terms of what I would call "light and frothy" mysteries but I guess the book term is cozy??, I like the Magical Cats books by Sofie Kelly. A librarian whose life changes when she moves to a small town in Minnesota and adopts two special cats.

In many ways similar, a big city gal moves to rural Minnesota are the Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris.

Mostly because they are set in this general area, I get a bit of a hoot from Mary Daheim's Bed and Breakfast series, I picked up one at random and I don't think it really matters if you start from the beginning or not. Two (older) cousins, one with a bed and breakfast and the other a bit more cranky... I understand from reading review sites that you either "get" them or you don't and a lot of people just don't like them. I can see that.

edit: oh! oh! I forgot to put in the books I actually meant to put in, on the light and frothy sort of mystery but add in some historical stuff, that means the Amelia Peabody books by Egyptologist Elizabeth Peters.

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