Ear ache temporary relief

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The alcohol dries out the ear and the vinegar kills the bacteria.
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Didn't know about the vinegar, but half an eyedropper of alcohol has worked for me.
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A warm compress at the ear is my remedy. I hesitate to put any kind of oil in the ear as sometimes they have bacteria and could make things worse. Same with any concoction made with garlic.
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I take a decongestant. I take a decongestant right before I ever get on an airplane to minimize pressure also.
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Onebyone, I'm glad you don't have an infection.

Like a few other people, my dad blew smoke in my ear. My parents also used warm camphor oil and a cotton ball.

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I remember my mother melting butter and using that in my ears. Today I use Miracle II products and essential oils.
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Originally Posted by Latrinka View Post
I can sure sympathize with you on an earache! Very painful! Had them all my life, the only remedy I've heard of is the alcohol and vinegar. A doctor told me that one, same as swimmers ear sold at stores. He said the alcohol dries up the water, and the vinegar kills bacteria. That's for if you got water in your ears, if they are infected, you need an antibiotic. I can't stand anyone to even touch my ears, don't even like letting a doctor look in them!
I'm with you had earaches all my life too- really bad as a young child, my ears would drain during the night. I really have problems when my allergies are giving me fits- ears really hurt. I can't stand for anyone to mess with my ears or my eyes. Certain pitch sounds cause my ears to hurt- and loud music really causes problems-I don't go to concerts because of this.
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I used to get terrible earaches as a kid. My mom would warm up some oil in a spoon and pour it into my ear and put a cotton ball in to hold it there. It usually would help.
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Originally Posted by Snooze2978 View Post
I remember my uncle would blow cigarette smoke in my ear and then close it up with a cotton ball. Can't remember whether it worked or not now but his love and attention always made me feel better. I was born deaf in one ear and it was always that ear that would ache.

Okay, this made me smile and remember the old saying......so mad, smoke was coming out of his ears....the difference being ...... It was going into your ears.........I think I need another cuppa!
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I remember as a kid my grandmother used sweet oil in my ear. She warmed it up a little & put several drops in. I have never had ear aches that I ever remember except that one time but the sweet oil seemed to work.
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