Early Bird or Night Owl?

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Night owl all the way.
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Early bird....up by 6.
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I am a night owl. With 4 kids, I need some me time. Of course, the oldest two are 17 &15 so they stay up later now. That means I have to stay up even later in order to get in my me time quota!
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I'm a night owl that has to get up early. Up at 5:45A in bed by 10:00 or 11P., 7:00A would be better, instead we leave the house then.
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I am definitely a night owl. I am often up till 1 or 2 a.m. I usually wake up around seven for a bathroom call. I'll stay in bed a couple of hours after that, depending on how I feel and how well I've slept. My DH is up early, but most days he naps for a couple of hours. If I did that, I'd be up a lot later!!
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Gollytwo; I'm an early bird person. Too, I worked for an attorney that wouldn't get his mind in gear until late in the afternoon and would get aggravated with me when I wanted to leave at 5 pm......I get up way before daylight and spend time on the computer; reading quilting mazagines or cutting fabric; I hate to start sewing too early because I'm afraid I might disturb neighbors.....WAIT A MINUTE ! They obviously don't give a rip about me when they march around upstairs either doing the polka, line dancing or running relays ! Maybe I should abandon that attitude and sew when I want to...IF they would ever say anything I would just say well you know those trains run past here during all hours !
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I am a night owl, but this week I have both granddaughters, latest I can sleep in is 7:00 am. (Trust me that is not happening with the 3 month old)
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Night owl fer sure. Anything before noon should be outlawed, but since it's not, I must comply...
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I am a night owl by nature, but can't be too late as I need to get up and out in the morning.

I have always maintained that my brain does not work until gone 10am.
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I am a night owl too. Don't go to bed before 12 - 1 AM. Get up around 8-9. I love the quiet and solitude of late night.
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