Favorite hand lotion?

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Use Bag Balm overnight wearing gloves if your skin is cracked. Drs without Borders give it to patients with severely cracked skin especially heels in dry climates. I use Gold Bond Overnight lotion for my hands every day and all over after each shower. It has hyaluronic acid. The same as the very expensive face cream.
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A dermatologist recommended Eucerin to me in the 1970's, when no one ever heard of it, and I had to ask the pharmacist for it because it was on the shelves behind the counter. It is greasy, but I just wipe it off my palms with a paper towel if I use it during the day. The dermatologist said to wet my hands before rubbing it in, because that will help seal in the moisture. When my hands get really dry, I wear it all night every night with cotton gloves. The reason it works so well is it's an emulsion of waxes, oils and water. Your hands are dry because they need water. The waxes and oils seal your skin, helping to prevent water from evaporating off your skin into the dry winter air. And it helps to drink lots of water in the winter to help keep your skin hydrated.
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I second Barb2018’s recommendation. O’Keefe’s Working Hands at night healed my raw, cracked fingers. I also love O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet for my heels. And as JustAbitCrazy suggested drink lots of water.
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A different suggestion - your diet. Are you eating good fats? It will help your skin. Also my sister is a mail carrier, and gets cracked bleeding fingers each winter - this year she has added Vit.C to her diet every day - and so far - no cracks! I've been taking a good pro-botic every day - and I usually have cracked heels, and so far none. Also I'm making sure I get 4 - 6 healthy fats a day.
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My question is more about "light duty" lotions -- I read on this site about Vaseline Spray & Go, that it didn't transfer to fabrics, and I like it, but my metal pump bottle will not pump (even tho it feels pretty full of product). Has anyone else experience with this?
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I cannot get the spray lotions to work. I don't have enough oomph in one hand to hold the bottle and push it down to spray much less get in where I want it. I gave up on them. Same with the spray powder. The bottles are very hard to manage.
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I like Vaseline intensive care healing serum. It is not like the Vaseline ointment this one works into your hands and is not greasy. I like to work in the garden an usually forget to use gloves so after a day out in the dirt my hands are rough. This lotion on my hands after a shower works wonders. I can use it and go right into my sewing without any concern about getting anythings on my quilts.
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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
Mkotch- at the risk of sounding preachy, I make all my creams and lotions. I used to have terrible eczema on my hands, so much so that they cracked and bled. All the prescriptions in the world didn't work. Finally I started making my own with wonderful ingredients like shea butter, rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, etc. and haven't had any eczema in years. They are so natural and healing. Because they tend to be greasy you only need a little bit but I no longer buy anything from the store (they are full of chemicals).
Tons of recipes on the internet. Okay, I'm done!
I am another with eczema and for years baby cream in the pink tube, since nothing else worked, but they quit making it! I had a dear friend make me some lotion with Shea butter, coconut oil, and marijuana oil only, as my Christmas gift. I love it! It takes just a dab, and no smell, not greasy, and my hands have not been this nice in many years. Great stuff. (I live in Oregon, where marijuana is legal for all adults)
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I, too, use Udderly Smooth. I went thru chemo---and my hands peeled from it! It's what my oncologist recommended---and it worked! PS....cancer free now!
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Since moving to Arizona 10 years ago, I’ve been using Eucerin Skin Calming. I don’t find it greesy if I take the time to work it in. Our winters are so dry and cold that dry skin is a big problem and the Eucerin seems to do the job really well if applied once a week. My skin is somewhat sensitive so many creams cause problems for me.
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