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Thread: A Funny Holiday Memory You'll Never Forget!

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    Wrapping presents one year, I ran out of boxes and used any that I could find to get the job done.Christmas morning, my sweet three-year-old nephew tore off his wrapping paper. With tear-filled eyes and a quivering lip, he told me, "I ... *sniff*…like ... *sniff*…Cheerios." He was trying so hard to be grateful! (There was a Thomas the Tank Engine sweatshirt inside the cereal box--he loved it.)
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    When my niece and nephew were 4 and 7 I decided to play a little bit of a joke on them and I swapped labels on a pair of gifts, so he got a very small pink frilly hoodie and she got a black hoodie with skulls on it that was way too big. My nephew thought that was a pretty funny joke but my niece....she loved that dang black hoodie and cried when we switched them back! I felt terrible and ended up buying her a similar black hoodie with skulls a couple days later. It's funny now but it was tragic at the time! She wore that black hoodie until it was way too small, and then claimed her brothers since he'd outgrown it by then too.

    She's 9 now but she still remembers that Christmas eve and brings it up every year (in a teasing way) when I give her presents to her - it's become a bit of a tradition now, lol. ("I hope these are really MINE, Auntie B!" "Yes sweetie, I promise, they're all really yours!" LOL)

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    The landlord we used to have told a story about his daughter. Seems she wanted to open everyone elses gifts along with hers. So one year he wrapped a box with 10 $1 coins in it. But he used electrical tape and taped all the coins together. He told her when she had successfully unwrapped her gift she could help everyone else. Well, everyone got to open their own gifts that year.lol
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    My husband has 8 young nieces and nephews. Several years ago, I came up with the idea of getting them some unopened geodes (hollow rocks) that they could open up and see what crystals were inside them. We filled and wrapped a box for each child.

    When it was time for the Christmas party, they were all excited about opening their gifts. Beforehand, they kept asking what was in those heavy boxes, and my husband kept telling them it was a "box of rocks" because they'd all been naughty that year. Naturally, they thought he was joking.

    You should've seen their faces when they opened their gifts, and sure enough, they'd each gotten a box of rocks! They didn't know WHAT to think! It was all we could do to keep a straight face.

    Hubby teased them for awhile, then finally explained what the rocks really were. They absolutely LOVED cracking open the geodes, and they still talk about their "box of rocks" to this very day. It turned out to be one of their, and our, most memorable Christmases.

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    We had our hands full on Christmas, 5 kids, get them all dressed and keep them clean while we waited for Dad to come in from milking the cows. The Door to the Christmas room was locked, (5 kids from baby to 11 yrs) So when Dad was almost dressed, I would start with the little ones, then myself, to the car then Dad came to the car too, but he always forgot his wallet, and had to go back in. That's when he put the gifts under the tree. One year dad came to the car with us and started to drive, when a small voice in the back "Did`t you forget some thing? He said "no" When came back from church, Santa had eaten the cookies & milk. The presents were under the tree. We had a live in hire man that year!

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    What fun these have been to read. I will keep reading them as long as more fun times keep being added!

    One of my favorite Christmases took several years to finally get there.. We always let our kids write up their Christmas wish list. For years they had a bicycle listed right up on top of the list. But we had very little money, we were living on the GI Bill, I stayed home with the kids and my husband went to collage full time. Most gifts were socks, underwear, and jammies. Their big treat was they each got a bag of potato chips, something I never bought at the grocery store.

    Every year when they opened their gifts they always asked if they got a bike... Their Dad always answered by asking them if they had looked in the garage.. They would jump up and fly out to the garage, but there never was a bike.. I would be so angry at him for doing that I could hardly finish Christmas Day. He was a great Dad, but he just always did that and every year they were disappointed and I was so mad I was nearly sick.

    Then came the year that we finally could afford to buy them their bikes.. Same old story, gifts are opened and my son asks, no bike?? And my husband says "did you look in the garage?". No. No one even moved, finally he says, you really ought to go look, don't you think?? No. After a few more proddings our daughter gets up and slowly walks that way.. Her comment was " I know there is no bike, you just want me to go look".

    She gets out there, opens up the big door, and let's out this big scream... Matt, come look.. He just looks at us like, yeah right, now she's in on the big joke! She came back in and tried to drag him out, yelling the whole way, Come look, come look!!

    Finally, my DS drug himself out there and when he saw the bikes they were both started screaming and jumping like they had just been given a million dollars! It was the funniest thing ever. They ran around the house, they jumped up and down some more, they were so excited they forgot to get the bikes out and ride them.

    While I've never thought it was funny to play tricks on kids, I have to admit that my husband set that Christmas up in a way neither of us could have managed if we had tried to do it on purpose. They still laugh about that Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone, I wish you all a blessed day.

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    When my son was little, he would always tell his Dad what we'd gotten him for Christmas. The year he was six, I threatened him with life and limb if he told him again. Next morning at breakfast, he looked at my DH and said," I'm not telling you we got you some shirts so don't even ask me what your present is!" What do you do?? I still laugh about it!

    take time to build memories with the kids

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