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Funny Thanksgiving stories...

Funny Thanksgiving stories...

Old 11-29-2014, 10:10 PM
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Default Funny Thanksgiving stories...

I thought I would start a thread for funny Thanksgiving stories, you know we all have them.

- I will tell the first one.

As I have said here many times, I suffer from permanent vertigo and severe memory problems and sometimes they run over each other with amusing results. Thursday while supervising the cooking in my kitchen, I bent over to get a pan out of the lower cupboard, (forgetting about the vertigo for a second). When I came up, I did so too fast, which made my head spin pretty bad. I lost my balance, fell back into the refrigerator, and slid down the back door, landing unceremoniously on my bum quite hard. I am not a small woman so when I fell it made a big noise, and the whole house went copletely silent, and everyone turned to see if I was OK. As soon as they were sure I was ok, they started to laugh, which brought the dogs running, and guess who got her whole face 'washed' by doggie spit? Bleah! (For the record, I wasn't really hurt, just a little bruised and quite embarrassed. As I said everyone else cooked me dinner, even DH got into the kitchen for a couple minutes. He had offered to stir the gravy, so we said go ahead. I forgot he has only ever stirred soups and stuff for me as he walks through the kitchen while I am sewing, so cooking is not something he even understands. As is in most homes on Thanksgiving, the game was on, and he walked into the front room to watch, leaving the gravy sitting on high, and next thing we knew my stove top was swimming in gravy! All four burners were on, and hot, and we were trying to get as much gravy cleaned up without getting burned as we could. Quite a bit cooked to the stove top, so I spent Black Friday using oven cleaner to make my nice white stove white again. I still love DH, but that man needs to stay out of my kitchen! (I overheard him today on the phone telling his brother that he helped make dinner by making the gravy!) Really?
How was your Thanksgiving, and what is the funniest one you remember?
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Old 11-29-2014, 10:43 PM
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What a great thread! My Thanksgiving was not as exciting as yours (sure hope you are feeling OK), but was nice. DH is working out of state, but my 3 "boys" (ages 30, 26, and 22) were here. I got to see DD, DSIL, and my 11 month old grandson the previous weekend in Atlanta. We ordered the complete turkey dinner from the grocery store and it was great. The only thing I made was a green bean casserole.
My brothers and sister never let me forget the pumpkin pie I made when I was about 12. I used WHOLE cloves in the recipe and remember having to stack them up like little logs in the measuring spoon. When we started to eat desert, my brother said there were "lumps" in the pie, and soon we were all spitting out the cloves. :-)

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Old 11-29-2014, 11:27 PM
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My grandmother would always fix us a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and she'd have all the food set out on the counter so everyone could line up, fill their plate, then sit down at the table. Once when I was a kid, along with the usual food, I put some yummy cranberry sauce on my plate. I loved cranberry sauce, and couldn't wait to dig in!

I sat down, listening to everyone talking instead of paying attention to my plate. I got a big bite of cranberry sauce on my fork, stuck it in my mouth, and immediately realized that something was very, very, VERY wrong.

It wasn't cranberry sauce.

It was beets!

Everybody thought it was hilarious ... except for me! Spittooey!
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Old 11-30-2014, 03:41 AM
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When my mother's sister and her crew came for Thanksgiving it was always a prolonged party and boy did my mother "celebrate". To the point where a fully cooked 25lb turkey slid off the platter and ended up on the kitchen floor. After gales of laughter, (and another drink, I'm sure) the whole thing was scooped up and served. Still tasted great and everyone laughted for hours.
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Old 11-30-2014, 04:53 AM
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One of my favs was when my son was nearly 3, and my daughter was 6 mo. old. My sis and I were in the kitchen getting the turkey ready to stuff early in the morning. We had started the stuffing, but when it came time for the spices I couldn't find the sage all of the sudden. So we carried on with poultry seasoning, and skipped the sage, and got everything in the oven. Afterwards. I went to check on the baby, and she was totally undressed and had been sprinkled with sage - by her helpful brother. I guess he thought that she looked a lot like that naked turkey, and deserved some spicing up herself!
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Old 11-30-2014, 02:18 PM
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well, it doesn't have to do with food, but here goes:
I had gotten my grandmouslings earlier in the week to take to my oldest
dd's house. Wanted the 2 I had and her two to have plenty of time to play.
Well, my two got sick and we had to stay here at mousehouse.
Wee one was feeling better, late afternoon and me and my middle dd,
were sitting on the back steps watching her and my new kitten.
She was at the end of the clothesline facing us.
She got the stabilizing wire that goes down to the ground at an angle,
between her legs and was falling, first one way and then the other.
She is 6 and looked up to see if anyone had seen her embarrassing
She went to the swingset and we went to belly-laughing, and then
we went to crying, and then we went to side holding and not
I made it worse, by saying,
"She'll never make a pole dancer!"
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Old 11-30-2014, 03:58 PM
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As a child we would usually travel to grandmas house, so of course those times are soaked in memories. But the funniest one I can remember was the year the turkey just wouldn't cook. That tender timer that we are told now to throw out, wouldn't pop for nothing. Grandma put it in the oven in the morning like usual. Everyone showed up for dinner and the turkey wasn't even brown. One of my older cousins was an electrician, so my Aunt got him involved, checking everything that could be wrong. He checked the fuse box (grandma's house had a fuse box!) Everything checked out to be fine.
Everything else was ready to eat and it was getting late in the day. We ate....just not turkey. Around 10:00 that night someone noticed that grandma had forgotten to turn on the oven. Grandma felt silly and everyone had a really great laugh.
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Old 12-01-2014, 07:45 AM
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Our first Thanksgiving in FL was a classic. We had just been married and had no furniture except a dining room table from a thrift store, a bed and bookshelves galore. We cut the legs waaaaaay down on the table and used it while sitting on the apartment carpet and a couple of pillows. If there was ever a starter apartment, this was it.

A friend from work was "homeless" for Thanksgiving and joined us. I cooked the usual Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone laughed, talked and ate. DH leaned back from the table, moving his pillow under his head and effectively occluding the opening into the kitchen. He clasped his hands over the dinner lump and announced he would just let his dinner "settle."

You can guess the rest. The two who were awake cleaned off the table and straighened out the kitchen and did the dishes over his "settling," snoring dinner.

This story is told annually if not more often.

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Old 12-01-2014, 09:26 AM
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Every one laughing just reminded me of something that happened to me and my family keeps reminding me all the time. We went to my parents and their farmhouse had carpeted stairs. I was coming down, lost my footing, and just bounced on my behind all the rest of the way until I got to the bottom. My family was all sitting in the living room and about laughed their heads off after they found out I was not hurt. (Well, my pride was) Dodee
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My Nephew brought Me and My husband 3 4# tubes of frozen Sausage for Thanksgiving. My husband was getting dressed in the bathroom when He walked in and attempted to hand it to me. I reached out to get it and suddenly the dollar general bag it was in split and one tube of saugage went flying. It landed on my left big toe. I almost went to the floor from the pain, my Nephew caught me and helped me out of the Kitchen. It will be funny years from now, but not until this foot heals and the bruising goes away.
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