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Neon yellow highlighters used on desc. and numbers on purchase invoices our office manager brings to me for posting. I took it to the copy machine and when photocopied, the highlighting disappeared. The neon highlighting just hurt my eyes! Fine print is getting pretty painful too.
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I hate that it seems all instruction sheets or manuals are using really micro small print. I know I'm getting older but I can still thread my needles with out glasses so I know its not my eyes. The print is so small this year when I ordered a new pair of glasses I got the bifocal ones. Most thing I can read and I don't use glasses to read a book but is an instruction sheet so costly that you have to make the print micro small. I think not.

I agree Dunster on the muttering rather on TV or in person. Drives me crazy. I know I also have hearing issues but if someone uses a normal pitch I can hear them just fine. I also have a big problems with different accents, I do more shaking my head like I understand what's being said than I do actually hearing them.
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Originally Posted by SHELTIE'SMAMA View Post
I thrive in my reading chair when I have a "daylight" bulb in the lamp. Pricey but worth every penny to me. Just like the 'daylight' I have at every workstation in mt sewing room. Might be worth a try.
I love my Daylights, I have the ultra slim one on my sewing table, I bought the one that mounts on your machine and it comes with an extra mounting bracket so you can move it from machine to machine. Since I have more than two machines I got 2 extra brackets. I also bought their new yo-yo light and then I won one that sits on the table and has different lights. The lights really help and don't mess with my eyes the way some bright lights do.
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Originally Posted by quiltingshorttimer View Post
I just read elsewhere that both tv and movies are now doing their audio so that it picks up all the background noise that would normally be in the scene--cause they can I guess. And in the past all that stuff was either omitted or truly background and the actual speaking was emphasized so no, we aren't all going deaf, it's just that we can't hear the actors cause of all the music, background noise, etc. Maybe commercials don't do this and that's why it seems like they are yelling at us!
Thank you, thank you for this information. I have been really concerned about my hearing this past year or so and this really has relieved some of my stress. I have noticed when I watch reruns of older t v shows or older movies that I don't have this problem. So I am not going crazy, just a victim of new technology!
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llI agree!! I know my hearing is bad, but even with the aids on I can't understand 1/2 of what is said. A lot of it has to do with how fast they talk. Never have problems with the commercials!!lol

Originally Posted by misspriss View Post
Not only do they need to quit mumbling, but slow down.
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Some of our newspaper was hard to read, printing too light and fuzzy besides. I mailed it to the Editor, with a letter of my displeasure. We quit the paper so can't attest if it's better now.
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