Ideas for Party Favors.

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Default Ideas for Party Favors.

I need some advice. I threw a surprise birthday party for my Mother's 85th birthday, inviting all of her friends from the small Senior Community that she lives in. For favors, I did sachets, using my 5" square scraps. I made 60 of them (two for each attendee). They loved them!

The ladies in community loved this party and had a great time. So my 2 friends who helped me arrange and execute the last party, want to do it again. No Birthday required, just a party. So we have decided on a winter celebration, with a baked spiral ham and all the fixings, to be held on January 11, 2015. I am thinking about potholders this time, for favors. I have to start these soon, to get 35-40 of them done in time. So here are my questions:

(1) Is there something that you think would be more appropriate than potholders? These women all have their own apartments, complete with kitchens. I want it to be something functional, because their apartments are small and there is not a lot of room to spare. I thought of dishtowels, with a fabric strip sewn on; but even at $1 a piece, that is a $35-40 expense.

(2) What is a safe filler, that will indeed protect their delicate hands, but will not be too bulky for arthritic hands to grab on to. Keep in mind that we are trying to keep our expenses low, since we are paying for all of this between the 3 of us.

I look forward to hearing your ideas. I have lots of fabric and lots of batting, so any ideas that don't require me to purchase much, would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Is a party favor necessary especially when there isn't a special occasion? I would think that a wonderful meal would be enough.
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Originally Posted by my-ty View Post
Is a party favor necessary especially when there isn't a special occasion? I would think that a wonderful meal would be enough.
Certainly not necessary; but we thought it might be a nice touch.
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I love the pot grabbers. My DH bought me some one year for Christmas. They are like a pot holder but shaped like a heart and have a place to slide your hand into on the back of the pot holder, made out of two separate pieces of fabric folded over so it is a double layer on the back side of your hand.
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everyone could use a small fabric box/bowl to put little do dads or hard candy in. or a pretty mug rug. or a quilted postcard for them to mail to a friend?
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I think a mug rug might be a good idea. It could be seasonal, winter on one side and spring/summery on the other.
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How about a pretty placemat. My elderly mother has a tiny apartment and loves to change out her placemat for a little splash of colour on her table. She doesn't do any cooking on the stove now just ready made microwave dinners.
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for the placemats, 100% cotton is good, use old jeans or wool from a thrift store,two or three layers of jeans is great, just by themselves and frayed edges. old wool coats for an insulation layer on quilted fabrics. a coat could probably get you about 20 potholders. maybe you can find something stained and get it cheaper.
Those microwave bowls too. evenif you just microwave, you need to wash dishes and could use a pot holder or towel.
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I make the fabric tissue holders, uses two pieces of fabric, and of course the travel tissue. Go to the search area here I think there is information here as to the size of fabric to it. But also Pinyerest has the information that is where I got it from.......calla
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Cute refrigerator magnets would be fun. Use a magnet that's strong enough to hold papers, etc.
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