If You Could Give a Memory

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So far, we've given our only grandchild photos of family members, some still here, some not. He just turned 4 and knows who they are. He doesn't get use electronics and he rarely watches any tv. He plays outside like we used to and our kids used to. He already knows how great it is to make things for others instead of buying things. We tell him stories and share whatever memories we can with him.

I don't have a lot of great memories from my childhood, but I can share a lot from his mom's childhood. Hubby can share loads from his own childhood. We can share a love of things we like to do, gardening, building things, being outside, being with family, etc.

My own kids always loved to hear stories from their grandfathers and just a couple of weeks ago, my son visited his grandparents and sat and listened to more stories Gramp had to tell him. I can still see him as a little boy, sitting on a footstool next to his Gramp, listening for hours and then coming home to tell me how Gramp did so many great things when he was a young man.
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Getting ONE toy for Christmas, which made you really appreciate it.
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Thanks for the memories everyone. I could relate to mostly all of them. One of my fondest memories was when my dad took me downtown (we walked everywhere in those days) to buy me a pair of roller skates that you wore over shoes with a key to tighten them, and he allowed me to wear them all the way home, pulling me along as we went. I used those skates every day in the summer for a couple of years, still have the key but not the skates.
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Originally Posted by sparkys_mom View Post
I'm hard pressed to come up with just one. I'm 75 and s
I was always smitten with the stars when I was a kid and I think that most of the coming generations will not be able to experience the pure magic and awe of looking at the night sky and seeing the milky way in all its glory. There just aren't many places left in the world where you can do that. You might find this an interesting site on the subject. http://www.darkskiesawareness.org/idsc.php
The stars at night was my first thought too....the chance to look up and experience the wonder of it all.
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I'm 55 and I remember the milk man coming and leaving dairy in the metal box out the back door.
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Milking cows by hand, the out house, and for fun in summer, catching fire flies, at night!
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Very late reading this, but...what about washing machines that you need a wringer for. Our wringer was hand-cranked but grandma had an electric one that was much faster (and also almost ate her arm when she got stuck in it)
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