If You Could Give a Memory

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Default If You Could Give a Memory

Recently while thinking about my ever growing family...soon to be 11 great grandchildren.....the thought came to mind.... if I could give a memory from my childhood (76)to them that they could never experience in their lifetime what would it be?

For me it would be the freshness of the morning air....the smell as sunshine dried the newly washed laundry hanging on the line blowing in the breeze.

I asked my husband what he would give them....His answer was the sound and whistle of the steam engine train chugging along....I remember that too...at night with the windows open and the lonely sound in the distance.

What memory or experience would you give?
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The memory of being able to run/roam the neighborhood freely, without fear of anything bad happening!!
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Playing hide and seek with my sisters and neighborhood friends until we heard our mother calling to come in for supper. We were free range children with no worries about stranger danger.
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Probably the thing they would be best able to relate to are the technological changes you have seen over your lifetime. TV - black & white only to color to smart TV's (which I don't even understand!); telephones; space exploration. Things that they think are perfectly normal that didn't exist when you were a child. Gives them a completely different perspective.
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The days the majority of families went to church, believed in God and prayer started the day at school. Being able to say grace or pray in public without being stared at or made to feel ashamed. Knowing you could trust others and close a deal with a handshake. Seeing people helped others in need without being asked and not expecting anything in return. Seeing the younger generation show respect their elders and for each other.
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BETTY62 hit it right on the head. I totally agree. We say grace in public wherever we are. Maybe it is because we are both East Texans.
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This brings to mind the memory my Grandmother gave me, when she told me what the journey had been like crossing the continent from Mass. to Nev. in a covered wagon. And what it was like living in a frontier town.
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I haven't thought about it. I do tell my 28 YO Granddaughter a lot about the changes I have seen in my lifetime, almost 70 years. I have been a big part of her life and now she works with us, so I get more time to talk to her than any of the others. She has no kids yet. We are expecting our 4th Great Grand in Oct. I don't get to spend time with the other three.
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Funny! The 1st thing that came to mind was using the Outhouse.
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just being outside a lot until we had to go in. playing in our bare feet as it is raining
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