If You Could Give a Memory

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I'm hard pressed to come up with just one. I'm 75 and so much has changed in my lifetime. Yep, I remember when my grandparents got indoor plumbing. I certainly was grateful for that!!

I was always smitten with the stars when I was a kid and I think that most of the coming generations will not be able to experience the pure magic and awe of looking at the night sky and seeing the milky way in all its glory. There just aren't many places left in the world where you can do that. You might find this an interesting site on the subject. http://www.darkskiesawareness.org/idsc.php
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Waiting outside on a certain day for the produce man to come by in his wagon to get favorite Ga peaches or veggies!
A family/friends luncheon after church
A fun Friday nite at the drive-in movies
Telling stories about what your grandparents did in the past or what it was like at that time
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Originally Posted by BETTY62 View Post
The days the majority of families went to church, believed in God and prayer started the day at school. Being able to say grace or pray in public without being stared at or made to feel ashamed. Knowing you could trust others and close a deal with a handshake. Seeing people helped others in need without being asked and not expecting anything in return. Seeing the younger generation show respect their elders and for each other.
i cannot add much more to this. Perhaos home cooked meals and the entire family gathered around it. The mom, dad, etc. Younger generation showing respect FOR THEMSELVES!

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Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
Probably the thing they would be best able to relate to are the technological changes you have seen over your lifetime. TV - black & white only to color to smart TV's (which I don't even understand!); telephones; space exploration. Things that they think are perfectly normal that didn't exist when you were a child. Gives them a completely different perspective.
This one is so true. My now 9yr old grandson at about age 4 was watching Little House on the Prarie and was amazed that there was a time that not only were there no cars, bikes, etc but there was no electric or batteries. He was also amazed how alot of people had to walk because they couldn't afford horses. That became his favorite show to the point that a few months later they had an all night marathon with the show and this 4 year old stayed up all night watching Little House on the Prarie. He also started watching the Waltons at the same time. It totally amazed him. When I bought my tredle he was again amazed that something could run without electric. He knows that that machine, my antique bedroom set that he's loved since a baby is his when I go. He loves knowing that. I tell him we didn't have toys growing up, it was outside playing with sticks or skipping and playing in the creak by the house. That we had to go to that creek to get water and take a bath in a galvanized tub behind the wood heating stove. It's not that we didn't have the things in our house, but most of my life my father wouldn't have them turned on because of the cost. What would he think if he saw the cost of the utilities today. I try to tell my kids and grandkids about the way I grew up because they'll never experience it. You should of seen my daughters face when I showed her my elementary school house that's still standing, 3 rooms and the outhouses out back. We were fortunate then. We were poor so I got to experience things that my cousins didn't experience because they had more money. Looking back, those are the good old days.
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My memory would be odd. It was when I first flew in an airplane and then years later actually soloing the first time. The song "Fly like an Eagle" came to mind. Didn't have a happy childhood.
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Originally Posted by ManiacQuilter2 View Post
My memory would be odd. It was when I first flew in an airplane and then years later actually soloing the first time. The song "Fly like an Eagle" came to mind. Didn't have a happy childhood.
I had one of the worst childhoods imaginable so there are things that I pick that gives me happy memories. Like the "snowball" bushes along my grandmothers yard. They were actually hydranges but we didn't know. She also had the adirondeck chairs that I loved. Going to her barn and drinking cider out of the barrel. Spending the one summer with my other summer, it was great because I knew there'd be no abuse since I wasnt around my father. Skipping along the creek. Or my sisters and I going out and chopping down the Christmas trees even though we knew there'd be no presents under it the next morning. We rarely got to be around the other family and that's where our best memories were made. Like we were there on Easter and it was my birthday and I won the contest for getting most eggs. My cousin and I were two months apart so we used to tell everyone we were twin cousins. I chose not to concentrate on the bad stuff and then find the good things to remember. I don't have a lot of memories of my mom but before my dad stole us all of the ones I had with her was good. She'd never whip us but was the best at putting kids in time out and making sure we didn't make a sound. All we ever got was love from her. I think in life you can either dwell on the bad memories which will make you unhappy or forget the past or do like I do, chose the few good memories and keep them close to your heart. My kids know all of my childhood, I felt it important for them to know what I went thru but we only talk about the good things now. I hope everyone has some good memories to fall back on, no matter how small.
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Saturday all day at the movies. A lot of cartoons, a cliffhanger serial, and two movies. Candy and popcorn. All this for less than a quarter.
Open areas even in the city. Beaches without crowds and this in Venus California.
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I wish my grandkids (and kids) could have experienced my dad and his friends sitting around on a weekend evening playing bluegrass music while the wives sat in the kitchen and drank coffee and ate some dessert someone had made and brought and the kids ran around playing hide and go seek and tag and chased lightening bugs. Great memories don't cost a thing but are priceless!
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sit down, at the table, family meal each night, without the tv on
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Going elk hunting with my dad. Seeing a sunrise over Fort Peck lake,with the fog of the breath over the backs of elk grazing...a snappy,cold,Fall morning.
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