The jokeís on me !

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Default The jokeís on me !

(Maybe I should save this for April Fools Day)

I always unwrap new bars of soap to expose them to air - they work the same but donít get so soggy in the soap dish. I was unwrapping soap & found one bar mustíve been jammed in the process because I only had about 3/4 of a bar !

My BIL (always chatty) bought a dozen eggs and didnít check the carton. He engaged the checkout lady in conversation & she didnít check the carton either & he found out later his carton had 11 eggs ! He loves telling that story.

Anyone else ??
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I saw a Lady going through cartons of jumbo eggs to make sure she got the biggest eggs possible. She was trading smaller jumbo eggs for largest ones.
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I went to three separate stores in one day and every transaction was the same amount, I bought a lottery ticket after, but didn’t win so I guess it wasn’t the lottery gods telling me to buy a ticket.
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If it's a brand name, complain to the company through their website or FB page. I bought a 12 pack of cotton briefs by Fruit of the Loom, when I opened it at home there were only 11. I complained and they sent me a whole new 12 pack!! I shared most of them with the homeless shelter.

Even your local grocery store will most likely want to make it right.
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I bought a box of sugar free jello that was empty. The grocery store replaced it for me.
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I bought a frozen meal - "slow roasted beef". Has beef slices with potatoes, gravy and broccoli. There was no beef in it! Awwww! I usually love that meal!
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I found a piece of metal in a can of baked beans. I wrote to the company and included the wrapper and the piece of metal. They sent me a coupon for any two of their products. I bought the two most expensive ones they had.
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If I find a dozen eggs that has a broken one in it I usually will find more - I'll sometimes swap out with one in another carton that already has a broken one! Then I leave the carton that has broken ones in it open so nobody else will buy it.
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I went to the grocery store 2 blocks from my house and bought a couple of bags of frozen green beans for vegetable soup and I checked the expiration date. The date was good. It had a life of a year left. When I open one of the bags, it was freezer burnt and brown. None of the beans were green. I took them back and showed the cashier. She didn't seemed surprised or said sorry and told me I couldn't get a refund since I opened one bag and she didn't know how long I had them. I showed her the receipt and it said I had bought them 10 minutes before I got there the second time. She said oh you can exchange them for new ones. I ended up buying can green beans and paid twice a much for the cans than the frozen.
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ha, ha, ha Kitsie-- Where's the Beef?? that is funny. wonder how in the world that happened?
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