Making Luggage Standout

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I tie a piece of familiar quilt fabric on the luggage and can easily identify mine....lots of folks have blk same as I have
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I painted a blue moon on both sides of my luggage. You can spot it coming. Need to do both sides because it may come out upside down. Good Luck and have a good trip.
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Originally Posted by Sew N Tune View Post
I take a 2.5 inch strip of bright fabric, and tie a piece on the handle of my luggage. You can spot it it an instant on the luggage turntable. Good luck and have a fun trip.

that's exactly what I do. I had a scarf that was pink, purple and white checks. When my husbands kids visited, each of them went home with a piece of that scarf. A million bags look like mine, but I can spot that fabric from the other side of a busy terminal.
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I use a bunch of 1 inch strips of bright fabric sewn to make a sort of pom pom not bigger than 3 inches across ( baggage handlers will cut off large hanging tags or other big floppy stuff, then tie it very tightly to the handle. It easy to remove if the time comes and someone else (male) uses my luggage.
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Tie some bright colored fabric on the handle of each piece.
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Originally Posted by Alu_Rathbone View Post
Here's a question that I must ask!

First the reason for my question. I am leaving in August for Cairns, Australia (actual destination is Robina, Gold Coast, Australia, but my Bridging Cultures program is in Cairns). I bought black luggage, I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I did. Maybe it was the sale on the luggage. ($99 for a 5 piece set that was normally $230, I could not beat that with a stick!) I want to make my two bags stick out, any ideas of what I could make to make them stand out?

My program is giving us bright colored tags for our luggage, but I want to take extra percautions. Should I also buy brightly colored locks?

Also, any ideas for things I could do on such a long flight? Other than sleep! I already planned on that! I am also hoping to invest in a kindle, just so that I can have some books on me, and not have to lug them.
I also have black luggage. I just tied a bright pink ribbon to the handle and have always been able to find my suitcase.
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Originally Posted by Alu_Rathbone View Post
I'm getting TSA approved locks, which means I can lock them, but TSA is allowed to open them. I don't know how that works, but it's what I'm doing.

I'm flying from Chicago to Los Angeles, and then Los Angeles to Brisbane. Brisbane to Cairns and then Cairns to Brisbane. My flight from LA takes off at 11:35 pm. I plan to sleep on the flight, but I'm not going to sleep 14 hours.
TSA approved locks can be opened just as any other lock using a master key. I have a combination lock, but it has a spot on the bottom where they insert their master key to pop it open. If they open it in your presence (small airports do this), you're good. If they open it with you not there (big airports), they will place a holographic sticker on it so you know it's been opened. Have a fun trip!

I always take a crossword puzzle book, word search, iPad and book. Enjoy your trip!!
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Default Stenciled Suitcase

I stenciled mine as well, and after the last trip will add more to cover up the newly aquired black marks - where do they always come from? Traveling with a new suitcase - it looked old after the first trip due to the way they are handled by airlines, I figured I may as well decorate them right off the bat!
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When I travel I take a strip of scrap fabric (brightly colored) and just tie it on the handle...nothing fancy but it does the trick. How many other people out there traveling with black luggage have that exacct scrap of fabric tied.
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I've tied (sturdy square knot) bright strips of (patterned) fleece, around the handles of our luggage. The fleece is very sturdy and what are the chances of someone else having the same fleece? The pieces are probably 1" - 1-1/2" wide (and long enough to dangle a bit) and each handle has a piece.

I should've read ahead, before posting. Seems this is a pretty common idea.
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