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Default Mental Illness -

This is a spin-off from the Robin Williams thread - -

One of the hardest parts of dealing with mental illness (which is a VERY broad term - right up there with cancer - for being non-specific)

Is that so many people that need treatment won't admit that they need help.

And if they do admit they need help, many can't afford it or know where to go.

And - many "treatments" really don't work all that well - one has to be willing to do a lot of trials to find something that works. Also, some treatments do more harm than good.

How does one "test" for these things? I don't think it shows up like diabetes or anemia does with a lab test.

I don't know the answer.

It does seem that highly intelligent, talented people seem more prone to mental disturbances than "ordinary" folks.

Way back when - some religions believed that mental illness was called by demons.

These are opinions. More are welcome.
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It is time to put away our judgement and support these people that are coping or have coped with this disease. Until society understands, many will continue to suffer in silence.
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It amazes me that folks with a visible problem,or one that involves a non- brain body part, are given support and sympathy. Brain illnesses are hidden,denied,not talked about...but every bit as devastating.
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All mental illnesses are tough, especially the PTSD our returning veterans are suffering. I have a son who served twice in Afghanistan and received no physical injuries (for which I'm thankful), but the problems he's had with PTSD are horrible. He has been hospitalized at least 7-8 times. Thankfully, right now he is doing well.
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I have lived with chronic depression and anxiety for almost my whole life (I had symptoms as a child that are associated with mental illness). I've been hospitalized twice, been suicidal once, and have had a whole lot of questions as to whether life is worth living. After many kinds of treatment I am fairly stable now. I also began developing chronic pain 30 years ago which has resulted in many trips to the doctor, two surgeries, and two more coming eventually.

I would take the physical pain in a heartbeat over the mental and emotional pain I experienced for many years. Physical pain can be seen by others, and most people are always willing to give you a little emotional support for it. But you can't tell anyone that your brain hurts so badly you'd almost be willing to give up all the people you love just to have it stop. Can you imagine how much physical pain you'd have to be in to be willing to lose your life to stop it? That's what deep depression does to a person, and some people get to where it's too much.

I grieve for Robin William's family - he himself is at peace. And I pray for everyone who has this illness, and for the people who care for them.

Margaret Ford
I hope it was okay to share this much. I'll try to mostly talk about quilting!
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Bearisgray - thanks for calling me highly intelligent and talented!
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Thanks for this topic. Seems like we are making slow progress in getting rid of the stigma of mental illness and in making affordable help available. Remember way back when this was Rosalynn Carter's issue. (I'm not meaning to start a political discussion). My brother killed himself almost 12 years ago and he was a very successful clinical psychologist. He kept his deepest pain hidden from us. And like Robin Williams he was a quick wit and very funny (not meaning he was that talented of course) but lots was unknown to us. I spoke with him almost every day and we did email at least once a day. He did a good job of covering up and it is my great sadness that I couldn't help him and have lost him. So I have a clue as to Mr Williams' family's pain and others too.
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I believe Francie has nailed the issue - these are not 'visible' problems. It's so much easier to have compassion and empathy and understanding when you can see the broken leg, not so much the broken heart.
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I have a friend (really - it's a friend) who has been suffering from a very severe depression for a number of years now. I encourage her at every opportunity to seek help. The reasons for her depression are very valid but it's devastating for her nonetheless. I want to see this woman want to live a fulfilling life again. Her husband is not overly supportive of her seeking treatment. The costs involved are a very real part of his lack of support. I sometimes get so frustrated by her depression I just don't know what to do. I wish I knew better what to do to help her beyond listening and encouraging her to seek treatment.
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Thanks, Stitchnripper for sharing your experience. My brother committed suicide 6 1/2 years ago due to profound depression. His wife, an RN, at his insistence, promised to not tell us, his family. So I never had any idea he was struggling with depression. My family and I discovered, after his death that he repeatedly refused to get any kind of help or treatment, saying he didn't want to be a 'zombie.' For that, I hold him responsible. I hold her responsible for not getting some kind of help/intervention.

I really feel for Robin Williams' family. I know all too well how they feel. It's a very unique kind of loss; nothing quite like it and unless someone has had a friend or family member kill themselves, in my experience, they don't truly understand. It was really difficult for me to talk about with others. I had people ask morbid questions which was none of their business and felt like I was being stabbed in the heart all over again.

Thanks for listening - - - -
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