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Another one of my Mom's sayings that I am ***really*** feeling at the moment:
"All my get-up-and-go got-up-and-left!"
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I tell my grandkids that if they don't behave I will beat them with a wet noodle.
My son I tell I am going to beat him round then square then back normal again.
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I would tell my kids I was going to knock them into next week if they didn't behave. When our daughter would roll her eyes I would yell, honey get your screwdriver, her eyes are loose again. And if she would huff, I would ask if she was having trouble breathing and if I should call 911. Do you see a pattern? Didn't have as much trouble with our Great kids now. Told our daughter I was really sorry. Bible says you can give your kids nothing better than a good name. So sorry I didn't name you Iwanna Ineeda. Seemed that was all that ever came out of her mouth, I want and I need.
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It's not fair, neither is a black moustache ( in Scotland fair is used to describe light hair)
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A task done only half way will become doubles as you have to do it over , correctly the second time.
My little sister was taught this :: If a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.
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My father always believed:Give a fool enough rope to hang himself and he eventually will.
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My Dad would never let us get away with being afraid to do something. He told us that "It's only difficult the first time -"

He also asssured us that we could do anything that we truly want to do - just figure it out and then do it! I am so grateful for his words of wisdom. My children and grandchildren all follow Grandpa's ideals.

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Karma by any other name is still the same!
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My father-in-law always said, don't lend anything you can't afford to give away. So true.
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The hurrier I go- the behinder I get! This is SO true- When I rush I drop things, trip over my own feet, etc.
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