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Originally Posted by tranum View Post
Our Souls at Night. (Robert Redford)
I loved this, too. It's based on a novel by Kent Haruf who's one of my favorite authors..
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This is wonderful, thank you!
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Murphy- great movies you mentioned.
tranum- thanks, will check that one out.

Can anyone from the South comment on if My Cousin Vinny was offensive? Southerners were depicted
as rather slow and dimwitted but so were the Italians from New York so I hope it was evened out, so to speak. (Joe
Pesci was definitely not a lawyer you'd want to defend you!)
I laughed so much the first time that a woman sitting near my family stopped me after the movie and
said she had more fun hearing my son and I laugh than anything else lol. One of my other sons got
mad at us for laughing so loud haha!
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Well, I decided since Kenny Rogers just passed I'd pull all his movies out. Have all 4 of the Gambler series, Six Pack, Rio Diablo and Coward of the County. Then I'll probably hit all 20 of Danielle Steele movies (have her books too). I'm also watching as they come each Sunday of When Calls the Heart, When Hope Calls and the Outlander. Have their DVDs too so can go back and start from the beginning if I really get bored. Picked up Downtown Abbey's movie so watched the entire series before I watched it. Have a collection over 1500 DVDs so doubt I'll run out of movies to watch soon.
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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
SBG- what a great idea!!!
I love movies as well but lately I've been overdosing on gangsters: The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire.
We binged on those entire series this winter!
I need something lighter haha. So thanks!!!
Love Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, Madmen. I will probably revisit them but want some new suggestions.
Oh fell in love with Downton Abbey-did you see the movie? I love that era, so I wish there were more series like Downton.
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From a suggestion on The Quilting Board, I watched the entire season (on Amazon Prime) The Royal. It is about a "cottage hospital" in England's countryside during the 60s. I think there were 8 seasons. I really enjoyed it - laughed and cried. When you watch Season one, just keep clicking next at the end of the segment. This way you can watch the entire series free. If not, they want you to pay for some seasons.

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I have to pull out Apollo 13. I used to watch it with my AP Calc classes after they took their exam. I haven't seen it since I retired 5 years ago. Next month is the 50th anniversary.
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For recent releases, I really liked Knives Out

but then again, Clue is one of my guilty pleasures
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Originally Posted by craftiladi View Post
Oh fell in love with Downton Abbey-did you see the movie? I love that era, so I wish there were more series like Downton.
Yes, I saw the movie. I loved it, however it was only 2 hours so they only had limited scenes for all the characters we've grown to love. I felt like I was visiting family lol.
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I watched a good movie last night. (Charlie and Me ). Another one is (Belle and Sebastian ). The first is about a little girl and her grandpa. The second is about a boy and a big dog he befriends. Both are excellent, and filled with many deeper life themes relevant to many.
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