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Oh! I got the new Panasonic cordless iron for Christmas, too. I absolutely love it. No cord is wonderful. I have found that sometimes I forget to place the iron back in the charger when I am moving my fabric around, but that is something I can work on while I am enjoying my new iron. I really love it for ironing bindings. Actually, I really love it for everything it does!
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Originally Posted by Jitterbug View Post
HA! Wait til you find Christmas presents you stashed years ago for "safe hiding" cause you bought them earlier on in the year, totally forgetting you bought them, least of all where you stashed them.Don't ask me how I know this happens. Congrats on the fabric all tidy again.

LOL. I do this all the time! One year I hid a ring I bought my daughter and still haven't found it. We even moved and I still didn't find it. 28 years later, and my daughter still wonders what I did with it!
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I love my Panasonic cordless as well, given my sewing space.

I, too, have put something away so I could find it later and it goes into the black hole (like socks in the wash) when I go to look for it. I "love" when it's a book and I end up buying a new copy because I can't find it, and of course, my original copy shows up later. I have done it once or twice with fabric as well.
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When I lose something...which is DH always says..."where did you have it last?" Duh...if I knew that I'd know where it was...LOL...but alas he is usually the one to find it...
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Originally Posted by memepat View Post
Mine always show up when I buy something to replace it.
This always happens to me too.
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Glad to see I'm not alone, lol! My LQS had a 50% off sale on 700 bolts of fabric they were clearing out to make room for new collections and I HAD to go, don't ya know. Found some nice fabric and since I had just organized everything, I knew what colors I was low on, so that was a bonus. :-). But it still bugs me that I can't find my other stuff. IshtarsMom, your dh sounds like mine!
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A life lesson --- when you put something away in a "safe place" you will be unable to find it when you need it. I've started making myself little notes saying "xxxxx is in the drawer with sweaters" or "xxxx's Christmas gift for next year is in our storage room". Now this is true -- I haven't been able to do it lately because I can't find my sticky notes!!!
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