Playful wild hair colors

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Default Playful wild hair colors

Does anyone here color their hair - preferably mostly gray - with any of the spray, chalk, cream temporary hair colors? Like pink or lavender or aqua or lime green, or such? What products do you use and are you happy with them?

You see, I'm a firm believer that this disastrous year of 2020 should have a do-over. And as therefore, I'm going to be 75 all over again in the new 2020, I feel I should celebrate this 2nd chance in any crazy way I want to, one of which may be to color my hair which hasn't had a cut since Very Early February!! (And I used to wear a pixie!!) But I need help finding the product to use that won't be permanent or hurt my hair or scalp. (Forget about hurting my feelings or ego, I'm too old to care about those, but not too old to play!) Help!

Jan in VA (who may have lost her mind, but, then who hasn't during this isolating pandemic?!
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I'm going to be watching this one! I'm 73 and share your sentiments about being too old to care about hurt feelings or ego. Maybe a change in hair color would be an up-lifter.
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I also am going to be watching this one. I would love to shock my granddaughters with a new do. They seem to shock me with theirs.
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Sally Beauty Supply is a great store, they have a lot of options for hair color. You can go online to and check them out if you don't have a local store.
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This is such a funny article and I'll also be watching it. Please give us photos for anyone that jumps on this bandwagon.

My mother was a beautician and I used to color my hair auburn from its mousy brown color back when I was just 12yo. If I didn't get all the excess dye out it would run down my face when I went out to play, especially football. Yes, I'm a girl too but in our neighborhood we all joined in whatever the sport was back then. Anyway, I continued to color it auburn, then mother bleached it out one year for me and she'd bring home the almost empty temporary rinses home for me to finish off. I particularly loved the lavender one. During the Fall season I mixed up a couple colors and it came out pale orange just in time for Halloween. Then I went back to my auburn color for the rest of my life until I was getting ready to retire and knew I'd gained some greys. Decided since my income would be cut in half by my pension I decided to go natural and let the grey shine. I figured I work hard for those grey hairs and I cry everytime I loose one from brushing. Its now a nice streaked brown and grey, almost like a frost job and since I keep my hair up in a twisted bun I like it. Wont' be joining in on the wild colors but will keep my eyes for those that do. Have fun as we all need it after this year we've all had.
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Around here the teens are using Kool-Aid to color streaks in their hair, and it looks good. I don't know how long it lasts or how long the regular dyes last. Have some fun, and go for it. By the way, how is your family in IA. doing?
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go for it Jan! When my hair started turning white at 31 I colored it regularly and then when second baby and full time job at 35 I decided that my white looked like the frosting I'd spent hours on during college and stopped. Since then's it's been whiter and whiter! I always told my kids that for their Sr. nights at HS I was going to color it purple (HS color) but they both balked. So about 3 yrs ago I bought some brush on colors--pink, magenta, purple, that you wet and brush on--they wash right out when I wash my hair. It's fun and my kids no longer freak out! have fun with it--was telling my Hubs just this week after seeing Billie Eilish on TV that maybe I'd dip my long locks in some color and leave the top white--that way when it grows I won't have to mess with it! He suggested lime green, thinking not green!
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Back in the day before my retirement in the 90's Women would use a purple or blue rinse that was not permanent on their hair that was grey or white. I imagine these kind of rinses are still available. They were a mainstay for older women back in the day.
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Way back in the early 80s I had extreme New Wave hair cuts and colors, from Boy George Red to purple. Back then the product of choice was called Cellophane because it was a clear color. My hair is still too brown to get much out of temporary colors so I have to bleach first but there are all sorts of them out there. Mostly I can do over washes with various shades of red. You can do it yourself or have it done in a salon. Here's one version:

Then my son went through a couple years of green hair in Middle/early high school. We've tried some koolaid colors, but mostly bought them at Hot Topic at the mall.

Here's a new to me product that might work well for you (I did a search on temporary hair color):
I think these "hair chalks" would be the way to go for special occasions or when you just need a lift.
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My older sister is in her 70s, and recently had her hair done in some lovely colours at the hairdresser. She is very pleased with the outcome. I have been white for many years, and quite happy to stay that way. I would strongly recommend that you get your hair done professionally. Trying to attach a photo, hopefully it works.

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