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meanmom 03-30-2015 03:55 AM

April weight loss challenge
April Weight Loss Challenge

April 2015 Weight Loss Adventure with Prize!!
OnApril 1st, weigh yourself and write it down. DO NOT send it to me. On April 30th, weigh yourself again and PM me your loss. This is weight lost not percentage lost. I will announce the winner on May 3rd.

The prize is a themed FQ from each member. Once a winner is declared, I will contact the winner and FQ's will be mailed by the 6th.

Private message (PM) me for the mailing address. All FQ's should be mailed by the 15th of the month. You need to check in on the thread at least once a week to be eligible for the winning "skinny quarters aka FQ's" and to be declared the "biggest loser" for the month.

You cannot win 2 months in a row.

Chit Chat is allowed, as wells as WAYWO (what are you working on). Please stay positive and uplifting as possible to keeps us all on track. Share tips, recipes, encouraging words and {{{HUGS}}}
April showers bring May flowers. So I thought a good FQ theme for April would be flowers so we are ready for May. So I think it is the month we should try to renew our commitment to weight loss and our health We need to get ready for swimsuit season. We are all so used to doing for others.Remember sometimes it is ok to put yourself first. So lets see how we can play with some your choice of FQ's. Please send quality fabric that you would want to receive in return. As always if you don't have the theme, send what you have. If you don't have a FQ, then send a linear 1/4 yard. If you have signed up to be in the running for the prize, please send your FQ to the hostess by the 15th of the month. As the winner has worked hard for her prize.

Eat healthy, exercise, make wise choices and lose weight but most of all have fun!!!

Sign up deadline to be a part of the PRIZE adventure April 4th at 9 pm cst. You are encourage to contribute to the thread even if you are not in for the prize.

To let me know you are participating post on the thread and then send a PM for the mailing address. Our FQ theme for April is floral.

meanmom 03-30-2015 03:57 AM

Welcome everyone and good luck. We often post the FQ theme 3 months at a time, it saves on postage to send 3 at a time. Our FQ theme for the next 3 months is April, floral, May bright, June, blenders.

PenniF 03-30-2015 09:17 AM

I'm in....the alternative is to give up - empty my closet and buy new clothes - ---- and i just can't do that!!!


nvb50 03-30-2015 04:55 PM

I need a challenge

coffeegirl 03-31-2015 04:11 AM

Sending in my fat quarters asap, count me in, and good luck to all!

CindyA 03-31-2015 06:34 AM

I'm in again, too.

Same here, Penni! :p

I rode the stationary bike this morning, 15 mins only, but that's a start, right?

Thanks for starting the new thread, Pat.

Annaquilts 03-31-2015 07:19 AM

I own no scale so I can't participate here right now but my DD's put an app on my phone from loseit.com and 3 of us are trying to loose weight. Even with no scale my clothes will tell me if I am on the right track. Unfortunately I just spend a good amount of $ on some clothes that are roomy.

Are there any particular diets or programs for support that you are following? Unfortunately I did not see quilting under exercise. I do a lot of quilting but I do feel that us quilters are a happy round bunch overall.

If I plan to buy a scale any tips on getting a good one? Brand? I am tired of scales that read different every time you step on them. I mean like a minute apart because they are not accurate.

meanmom 03-31-2015 03:08 PM

Anna welcome. If quilting was exercise I would be nothing but skin and bones. I have a Weight Watchers brand scale. It wasn't too expensive. I have had it about 5 years and it is pretty accurate.

Annaquilts 03-31-2015 03:46 PM

Thank you meanmom! Hmmm I know. I think my hobby doesn't help in the weight loss department. Pitty!

heart of Dixie 03-31-2015 05:27 PM

I think I would like to give this a try. New to this so how many fat qts do we send you?

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