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bearisgray 07-15-2012 02:37 PM

I'm usually nice and say something like -

"I'm not interested - let's end this call so you can get on another call that might be more productive for you - thank you for calling - good bye" and then I hang up.

Or we just don't answer the phone. Our phone has a distinct ring for long distance calls.

starshine 07-15-2012 02:43 PM

If you are on the DNC list and ever request information, that request allows you to be contacted by anyone, unless you re-register with DNC.
When in college one of my sons took a telemarketing job. They were not allowed to disconnect the call, if the person they were talking to said they weren't able to contribute to the cause they had to go to the script for the next response, etc. Only the person that they called could disconnect -at the place he worked, if they disconnected they would be fired, they also would be fired if they didn't meet their quota. He quit after 2 weeks as it bothered him that he would get elderly people on fixed incomes and when they would say they couldn't afford it he couldn't just move on, and many times they wouldn't want to be impolite so they would just keep saying they couldn't do it and he had to reply with another script.

What I do, if I get the recording for something more than once I hit the button to get a rep. and when they come on to "make the sale" I just ask them to take me off the calling list. If you expect they may not or that they may call you again you can make note of the company name and the date you request to be taken off. If they do call again you can report them with the date you asked to be taken off and when they called again.
Maybe the best thing to do is to register on the DNC every week then maybe you will stay current with not being called.

Rose_P 07-15-2012 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by bnlmom (Post 5357584)
Thank goodness for call ID!-but if my husband gets one and it's for me, he says "Oh,she's dead". Gets them every time.

Whoa, he'd better be careful about that because someone might freeze your bank accounts. LOL!

Some types of calls are legal, no matter if you are on the do-not-call list or not. The law needs to be expanded because we are under a constant barrage from charities, politicians and credit card companies that don't identify themselves. I'm sure we are getting some calls that are not legal.

I read somewhere that if you specifically ask the caller to take your number off their list they are required to do so. I try to be polite because I understand how hard it must be to find yourself with no better option for employment than to take on this most reviled of jobs, but they do get horribly intrusive.

Someone somewhere at one time must have responded to one of these calls in a way that was productive for the company paying for it. If you're one of those, please cut it out!

My ritual is this: "I'm sorry, we do not respond to any form of phone solicitation. Please remove our number from your list. Goodbye." If it's a robo-call, I hang up immediately.

romanojg 07-16-2012 04:32 AM

I do the same because if you dont they keep calling back. I had one company that kept calling me wanting me to let them have my mortgage and they'd call everyday. So one day I had enough and just started screeming at the top of my lungs into the phone with a high pitch. It didn't take them long to hang up and they never called back. Then another one was a magazine company who kept calling and finally I told her I wanted one of each one. She said you do, I said yes I do. I told her that I was in the middle of filing bankruptcy and that I could buy her mags and then claim them on my bandruptcy; she studdered something and then hung up. She stopped calling. Then yesterday, someone called and said someone submitted my name to get free baby stuff, I told her that was a lie because not only could I not have any kids I was already enjoying great grandkids so I knew she was lieing. I told her that since in my state it was against the law to call someone on the do not call list and that I now had her # on my caller Id she had one of two choices, one is to get sued and the other was take my name off the list and not call back. It's crazy the things you have to do to stop them. The do not call list doesn't work. This is the only reason I'm keeping my home phone # because I don't want my cell # out there anymore than it is. What is worse is when government offices call you and you are on the list. I ask why they think they are above the law and then they cut it very short and hang up.

gollytwo 07-16-2012 04:39 AM

Except for political calls, I feel sorry for the telemarketer. They're in what's called a boiler room, lots of them, all making these calls trying to make a living.
So, much as I want to just hang up, instead I say "I'm sorry, I'm not interested, goodbye." and then I hang up.

Politicians exempted themselves from Do Not Call, so they're a different story.
When you order online that company now has the right to call you even though you have a DNC

ptquilts 07-16-2012 06:14 AM

Originally Posted by LynnVT (Post 5360716)
I did that kind of work for a while when I was between jobs, and I have to put in a word for the people on the other end. It is annoying, but they are just working people like you and me, making very small amounts of money for doing such a difficult job. When you waste their time, you are keeping them from moving on. Would you treat someone in a store like that? Is it because you can't see their faces that you feel it's ok to be rude and mean to them? Isn't it just as easy to say, "I'm sorry, I can't give to your cause, but I hope the next person makes a donation. Goodbye." Hang up politely. I know I sound sanctimonious, but gosh, I'm really surprised so many otherwise nice people think it's ok to do this. Many telemarketers are handicapped or have other reasons why they can't do a different job. I love a joke too, but I'd rather laugh with a friend or family member than make fun of a stranger. They know some people don't want their calls, but they have families to support, too. OK, stepping down off my soapbox.

Amen, Lynn. I try to get off the phone as quick as possible and let them get on with their next call.

nygal 07-16-2012 07:06 AM

LOL That made me laugh. Funny thing too is my sweet husband wears hearing aids and that might truly happen on a day his ears are plugged up besides having the hearing aids in. lol We dislike those kinds of telemarketing phone calls and are not suppose to get any either.

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