Pyrex, who knew?

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Default Pyrex, who knew?

My parents received the whole set of Pyrex mixing bowls as a wedding gift in the 1950s. I kind of remember the blue and red ones but they must of broken early as they were a handy size for everyday kitchen use. The big yellow 4 qt. came out for when Mom made a big batch of potato salad for family reunions or for mixing Christmas cakes for the holidays. It survived right up until the year before Mom moved to assisted living. I have had my eyes open for a replacement yellow bowl for my sisters for quite a while. I finally found 2 at a reasonable price and brought them home. I can hardly wait until I give them as birthday gifts. I am sure many tears will be shed as we remember our favourite times with Mom in the kitchen.
I looked up how to clean them as they had years of grime on them since they were produced in the 1940-1950s. I went to YouTube and found that a magic eraser works for most of the grime and it did. I also found out there are tons of people who collect Pyrex. Who knew?

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I wish I had my Mom's set. She also used the big yellow one for potato salad and mixing cakes. I think my SIL got the set (or what was left of it). Hope she still uses it.
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I still use a set that I believe I picked up at a garage sale. I have toted them around for years from home to home and will have them in used probably till I am no longer able to life a finger. Right now two of them are in the fridge with potatoes and the other with stuffing and the big yellow has turkey bones left fro m making turkey broth last night. I made a turkey yesterday and all 3 are in use this moment.

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I changed over from plastic to pyrex for microwaving after the scare with using plastic for nuking. Mine are all the clear ones so not the old ones as you're talking about. But I do have my mother's square red exterior/white interior large bowl which might be one of the older pyrex. Remember we had smaller matching bowls to go with it too but those didn't survive. I still use my mother's Hamilton Beach 1948 Model G mixer on a stand. Picked up 2 extra sets of beaters too. It still works like a charm and though I'd love to have one of thosse new fancy mixer with special attachments, I'll continue using this one until it dies. Plus found another one just like it with the bowls and beaters at our local thrift store for $5. Can't beat that price and it works just as well so doubt I'll ever get the newer mixers in this lifetime.
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I collect the avacado green “Crazy Daisy” Pyrex pattern. Never paid much for them and if they’re high priced, I pass, because it’s not that important to me. They’re displayed above my kitchen cupboards & enjoy seeing them. I have complete set of brown Pyrex mixing bowls which I use often. $2 at a garage sale - yes, for the set of 3 ! I also have set of 3 yellow & white trimmed in black bowls from a garage sale. Giving them to a grandson’s wife (in May for her birthday) who will like them.

I had the big yellow, red & green (broke the small blue) from a wedding shower 55 years ago. They were getting worn looking so I sold them a while ago since I wasn’t using them anymore. Dishwasher was hard on the shine so now I wash mine by hand. Yes, people have incredible collections of Pyrex on Pinterest and there’s a club I think. Pink and turquoise might be the most valuable.

I also have collected 6 Texasware bowls & they get used almost every day but wash them by hand and not microwave safe. In the 1950’s my Mother bought one as a birthday gift for my Aunt and my obsession for them began then. I got one at a garage sale for 50 cents but its very plain compared to the others. Maybe the most valuable ? Who knows ?

Also have a few Redwing spatter ware items. . One is an advertising piece and it’s special to me because the store owner’s wife was our neighbor at one time.

And last but not least I have some Watts Ware pieces - crockery with an apple on the side. I have 2 cream pitchers and one bowl. They were gifts to farm ladies when they sold their eggs to a certain place so I inherited them from Mom & Grandma. Also on top of cupboards where I enjoy them.
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I have 2 sets of the bowls, one was my grandma’s and one was my mom’s. When I use them I think of all the things they made using them. The bowls are never used in the microwave and always hand washed.
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My sis has been infatuated with the big yellow bowl, too. Mom made the best scalloped potatoes in it. After she found a "replacement" she tried the potatoes in her "new" bowl and was disappointed.
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My sister-in-law's wife collects Pyrex and glass Corelle. You'd be surprised at what a set of of those bowl sets can go for!

Our Goodwill pricers know and look for them, they go into the Collectible section instead of the regular modern ones.

We need to get better at understanding what it is she wants exactly, I see all sorts of stuff all the time...
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I have a good sized collection of Pyrex, starting with the ones I inherited from my Mom. She used them daily to cook. Just looking at them makes me smile and remember her. The ones I collect are the early ones with colors on the outside and white pyrex finish on the inside-- no decals. I have bowls and casserole dishes with clear lids. Also have a few other odd pieces, such as refrigerator dishes, a big casserole cooker, and a cake pan and a square brownie pan. They are all the colored ones without decals. I am so fond of them! I do use them... but would be heartbroken if I dropped one and broke it.
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I was given a set of the green and flower ones when I got married in 1973. A friend of mine gave me a set of stainless steel bowls about 10 years ago and so my daughter asked for my Pyrex bowls and I gave them to her. She was living with a group of friends at the time. When she moved out she left the set with them. Oh well, they were only dishes. But when she asked to have the antique bedroom set (which has been in the family since 1859) I said not until she buys her own home. Don't want her to walk out on it.
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