Rat Terrier Owners?

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Default Rat Terrier Owners?

My husband has decided he wants to get a Teddy Roosevelt rat terrier. Does anyone have one? What are they really like? We have a 15lb dachshund princess at the moment, and are thinking of getting a second dog.
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My DH and I have considered getting a rat terrier, one that's about 12-15 pounds, for about 3 years now. We have heard nothing but good things. The price tags are keeping us away. But, they are sweet dogs.
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We had our wonderful rat terrier Madison for seven years...She came down with a genetic eye disease that causes them to go blind....she quit eating and wouldn't go walking or anything...we had to have her put down...last year...so sad without her...They are the most loving and sweet dogs that we have ever had...Now we want to try a Cocker Spaniel...love them too..
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We have had our Molly for about four years now. She is dedicated to her humans; and fiercely loving. We got her when she was a baby at 6 weeks, at the time I still had my Doberman Alice, whom I had also had since she was six weeks old. When Alice passed at the age of 16 years, Molly mourned for 2 weeks. She wandered the house looking for Alice, crying and carrying the ball that they played with in her mouth. To this day she still has periods when she gets the ball out and carries it around.
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What a sweetheart. She misses her Alice. That makes me sad.
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These are our baby darlin's Remy on the left and Sadie on right. They are Beagle/Rat Terrier mix litter mates. Remy is deaf so Sadie is his service dog. He is so attuned to her signals unless we tell someone no one realizes he's deaf. In their backyard kingdom here in Florida they are vigilant in terrorizing the squirrel, fruit rat, garter snake and grub populations. Beagles find it and tree or corner it and rat terriers kill it and proudly bring it to you. They are loving and sweet, but very protective of their "family pack". Love our fur babies!
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I too am thinking of a second dog, worried aboud how 1st dog will accept, shes been queen of house, very devoted ie stuck to me!
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My daughter always has several dogs. She feeds them in order of their "seniority" (who came first), and sees that they don't try to usurp authority from others. Usually they kind of find their own pecking order, but if not, she sets one for them and they all get along great.
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If they're anything like a Jack Russel Terrier, they never stop.
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My grandma had one for years. Good dog, no behavioral issues or aggression. Very loyal. He did have a big fear of storms, but that's not necessarily a breed issue. Kind of reminds me of a chihuahua, but didn't have the fearful aggression that a chihuahua sometimes has. Didn't run off when outside. Someone mentioned a jack russell, but I don't think a rat is anything like that, at least this one wasn't.
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