Saving money tips?

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Default Saving money tips?

Just found out I'll be in the accelerated nursing program in January. I'll have to cut my work hours by half and am trying to get ahead of the game in saving money. Any tips? I know about coupons. What about things to save money around the house or save on bills? I was savvy on this stuff when my kids were little but haven't really worked at saving for years. Thanks!
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What about shampoo/conditioner? My hair actually does better if I use only conditioner on it (should not have silicones). I buy White Rain conditioner at the dollar store and use that every day; no shampoo. Saves me quite a bit because I used to use pricey, good-quality shampoo/conditioner.

Vinegar replaces a lot of cleaners. It is the best thing I have found for shining up surfaces in the kitchen.
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I don't have color on my hair and sometimes just use Dish soap. Yes I said dish soap. I don't use conditioner on my hair because it is so fine. If I use conditioner it looks like a greasy mess. All depends on your type of hair. You don't need a lot and I only use dish soap if I'm at the sink and decide to do it right then and there. I was a hairdresser for over 3 decades. If you want to do a quick wash of your hair and not in the shower, just do it at the sink if it's big enough for your length and just scrub with warm water. You would be surprised how dirty hair gets with body perspiration and just being in the elements on a daily basis. Conditioner on a regular basis with out shampooing builds up on the hair. A good vinegar rinse will help remove body oils and remove build-up from the scalp.
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Stay home, don't go out "for the day". You will save on gas, spending on lunch, whims, etc. If you have to get out of the house, take a walk around the neighborhood.
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Switch to store brands on grocery staples. Buy in bulk and sale when possible. Cook large batches of homemade chili and soup and freeze for quick, inexpensive meals. If you still have benefits, get your teeth and eyes glasses done before loosing coverage.
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Cook from scratch ... purchase less of the pre-made foods.
Money saver ... plus healthier.

Make a shopping list, and only shop weekly (or less often, if you can manage!) and from the list.
Less trips to the store will mean less spontaneous purchases and a lower grocery bill overall.

THINK before $pending $$$$ ... I think many of us are guilty of just buying, but not really thinking it thru as to whether it is a necessity, whether it is the best price, whether we will get value for our dollars spent .... etc.

As a good quilter you probably have a stash. So do all your sewing from your stash!

Another possibility to "make" $ ... look around for any scholarships/bursaries etc. for which you may qualify. Apply, even if you think you don't have a chance. Sometimes these go unawarded due to lack of applications.

Good Luck!

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Turn down heat during the day. Start a budget plan with utility companies. Buy only groceries you'll need for the week but stock up on family packs of chx, pork and freeze serving portions. Buy larger toilet paper and paper towel packs as will cost less. Stay home on the weekends and don't shop online. If it's under $10 and you have to have it, buy it. If $10.01-$25 take an hour and come back. $25.01-$50 take a day and $50+ take a week. If you buy clothing don't remove the tags immediately and if you haven't worn them in 7 days return them. Oh, the best one, pretend you're broke.

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Simplify Christmas this year !!!
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Use A/C and central heat less. Turn on fans or put on a sweater.

Shop sales only, for gift giving. You'd be amazed how much money you can save.

Before buying the 'economy' size of something, do the math and see if it's really a bargain. Many times, that 'economy' size costs as much or more than the same quantity, from several of the smaller sized containers.

Buy store brands, IF the quality is just as good.
Sometime it is, sometimes it isn't. In my experience, store brand shampoo is often watered down, causing you to use more. There are inexpensive brands, like Suave, that are good (Suave was even recommended by my hairstylist).
Some store brand foods are made with lower quality ingredients (ran into this, with cake mixes). Just compare labels, to make sure the ingredients are the same.
Most store brand or generic drugs are the same as name brands, so you can save a bundle there.
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Shop the dollar stores, it is amazing how much stuff they carry, including groceries and fresh produce. I have found though that the produce needs to be used quickly, but it is good. Shop for clothing, linens, books, etc. at thrift stores and garage sales. Great bargains and you get your shopping fix without breaking the bank. Rent movies instead of going to a theater, cheaper and you can make your own popcorn/snacks.
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