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I received one this morning. Number called from was 434-343-4484 and told me to call 424-343-4348. I called local police and they said a number of these calls have been received recently. I was told to call 1-800-366-4484, IRS/gov site, to report it.
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We have had a number of IRS calls, along with other scams. Seems they think the older folk in FL will get so scared they will pay up and it is a scam. Microsoft is another one. Be careful.
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I got another one of these yesterday. It was from the same place as the one I got earlier.
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Be safe, if you didn't initiate the call, don't give any info or money at all. We also get phone calls from some young guy stating that he is our grandson and he's in a little trouble and he wants your help so that he won't go to jail. What he really wants in your credit card info so he can get your money. Don't fall for it. I told him I knew he wasn't my grandson because I had told my son and all my grandsons that if they got in trouble it was up to them to get themselves out! Also be aware that many legitimate sounding charities only use a few cents of each dollar they collect for actual charity. Check them out before you give them any money.
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We had several of those calls from the "IRS"...........ha!!! Today, we had a message on our phone from the "Treasury Dept". We usually just hang up....The computer "techs" from Microsoft have called several times to fix our computer. If they ever call when the almost 1 yr old granddaughter is here, I'll let them talk to her....HA!! HA!!!
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We have been getting a bunch of scam emails saying that we have a voice mail and to click to hear it. Another said my Bank of America credit card had been cancelled (we don't have a B of A credit card). I did get one that said my checking account was over drawn and would be closed (the bank was correct), but I checked on line and there was plenty of money in it and then went to the bank and they said this was happening a lot. We have a house phone and cell phones and we have quit answering the house phone unless we know who it is because of all the crank calls. It is frustrating.
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I have been getting these regularly and I just hang up -- IRS uses snail mail!! --but thank you for the info!!
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If you ever get a call & want to know where it is coming from or if it is a scam, you can write that number down & google search it on your computer. Many times you will be able to see if it is a scam or not by that simple method. I kept getting a call from a computer "tech" saying they needed to update my computer. After several times of telling them to take me off their calling list I finally told them I didn't have a computer anymore & to take me off & I've not heard from them since. Just be aware that there are so many people out there trying to get info or money from people & don't give them anything!
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"Just Hang Up!" That is the TV message of our local Sheriff.
Don't even try to tell them not to call again.
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I had a call the other day, and there was a person telling me they were from the IRS, since it was an actual person I asked him if his mother knew he was making scam phone calls to steal from people. He just hung up on me. Don't know why?
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