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I got a message in from Shadow Dancer and she'd like everyone to know that she won't be around much.

Her husband was taken by ambulance to the hospital today. He had lost the feeling in his legs and couldn't move. The doc at the hospital checked him over, gave him a shot for pain and a couple pain meds and sent him home. He's not pain free, far from it. Shadow will be talking to whoever she needs to talk to so they can get him the treatment he needs.
I'm cutting and pasting what he has, that way, I don't screw it all up and get it wrong.
Here's the excerp from her....
besides having rheumatoid arthritis, Bill has degenerative disk disease, three bulging disks, the sacroiliac joint is fusing to his spine and he has sacroilitis and some kind of tear in the spinal column. In all their infinite wisdom Veteran's Affairs decided physio therapy might be beneficial, so last Thursday he went for his first session. Friday he was in pain, Saturday the pain was worse, Sunday he could hardly move, Monday he thought it was maybe settling down, then this morning he couldn't get out of bed by himself. The doctor in emergency checked him over, exclaimed that his spine was inflamed and it extended to his right hip. She gave him a shot for pain, and a muscle relaxant but said she couldn't give him a prescription for anti-inflammatory or pain med because she couldn't do a follow up and told him to call his rheumatologist and ask him to call a prescription in for him tomorrow. No doctor is going to call a prescription in without seeing the patient, there was a big stink a few years ago and now they won't do it and his rheumatologist is based in Southern Ontario. He comes up to Dryden (1 hour from us) and Kenora every two months ( two and half hours from us) Right now we don't have a doctor here in town, his back specialist is in Thunder Bay but there is no way he can sit for two and half hours in the truck to get there. To put it bluntly, he's screwed!!!

Let's hope that with the phone calls she will be making, she can get someone to see her hubby and he can be on the road to mending. And I thought health care in the US was a PITA.
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WOW! Sounds horrific. Poor guy. I feel for him and Shadow as well. They will def. be in my thoughts & prayers.
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Oh, man.... they've surely been dealt a lot of crappy deals lately... I'll be sending her strength...
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(((HUGS))) I am so sorry Shadow!!! (((HUGS)))
You both will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!
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Oh my! Poor soul! My thoughts and good wishes with them both. x
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Hang in there Shadow. Hugs and prayers being sent.
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Shadow Dancer and Bill you are in my thoughts and prayers that some pain relief and healing will be in your very near future. Thank you Terri for posting this info for ShadowDancer.
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How awful for them both.

Shadow is a tough cookie. She will find the right person to call and get things done.
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Originally Posted by Quilt4u
Hang in there Shadow. Hugs and prayers being sent.
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Hugs and prayers from Illinois.
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