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Originally Posted by notmorecraft View Post
I like Earl Grey or Lady Gray, I prefer the leaves, I think there is a difference, and I like it plain black and hot ��
I agree with you! The dictionary says teas is made with tea leaves. A tisane is made with dried or fresh flowers or leaves. Folks who are precise and accurate about teas know that tisanes are not the same as tea, but are packaged as tea and are in the tea section.

Everyday run of the mill tea for me is Red Rose. Lipton has a bitter taste to me. I’ve started adding a drop or two of lemon juice to each cup as it clarifies and tastes better. BUT my preference is Twinings...Lady Grey or Earl Grey are my faves. No cookies needed. :-)

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I have a pot of Valerian Root "Tea" every evening as it helps my mind to slow down and allows me to slip off to sleep easily. I usually add some ginger root slices, too. Not sure if it qualifies as a true tea, but it is lovely to sip the last hour of my day.
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My Dr. has told me to drink a lot of hot green tea. In the bag's I like Twining's. I like a lot of the other teas they have. Can't beat their Ginger Lemon for a upset tummy. I drink some loose leaf teas from World Market and ordered from different tea places my DD sends me. Bentley's is also a good tea. Now I am enjoying the Twining's Christmas spiced and the Chai that I love. If you are new to hot teas try different ones as everyone has different taste and if you are like me you will find several that you like to keep on hand.
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Funny I just saw this thread, because I've been sampling different teas lately. When I was a kid, my mom always made plain ol' Lipton tea (sweetened), but it always tasted rather bitter to me. After I got married, I found that Luzianne tea is more to my liking, but lately I've been wanting something different. So I ordered several boxes off Amazon (our stores have a terrible selection).

So far my favorite is Celestial Seasonings' Morning Thunder tea. Twinings Pure Peppermint and Twinings Winter Spice are both pretty good. Twinings Lady Grey tea sounded yummy by the description, but it tasted nasty to me. Lemon and ginger tea was my last favorite. In fact, I threw the rest of the box straight into the trash! LOL!

I bought a Celestial Seasonings fruit tea sampler box, too, but haven't tried any except the cherry. It was okay ... not particularly outstanding.

I also bought a box of Lipton Matcha Mint tea awhile back, too, that I like really well.

The plan was to drink tea when I got up, but I'm finding that I don't care for hot drinks at that time of day. I want something cold and refreshing when I first wake up, so I reach for a Diet Dr. Pepper.
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Has anyone tried Yerba Mate' tea? I have an Argentinian friend who made it for me in the traditional manner. It was very good, though I felt as if it gave me a bit of a buzz......she pooh poohed the idea as she was raised drinking it and didn't think it was any more stimulating than a strong cup of coffee.

I am just wondering if anyone else had tried it and what their experience was.
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Reading all these tea stories makes me remember my college days. My girlfriend across the hall and I would end the required study hours (7-10 pm) at our college, (can you imagine required study hours in this day and age???) and we would have a cup of tea together, sometimes with a sweet treat. (We used to pocket the tea bags when going through the dinner line, and see how many cups of tea we could get from one bag) You got plenty of advice and commentary from the others, so I'll just say, ENJOY your moments and your favorite type of tea.
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Fusion Teas -- on-line -- has excellent teas. My favorite is Roasted Pumpkin Mate.
I was on a diet a few years ago where I had no caffeine/no sugar/no alcohol/no gluten/and a few more no's. (It is supposed to reset your system, and yes, I felt great and lost 13 pounds....)

Before this, I loved coffee. After a 2 month break, coffee smells wonderful but I just don't like the taste. So I became a permanent tea drinker and love my morning pot.

It has to be loose tea, in a pot.
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I love teas. My favorites are Lapsang Souchong, Jasmine, Oolong, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Irish Breakfast, Chai Latte And Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger.

Probably the best tea I’ve ever had in my life was during a trip to India in 1982– the street tea vendors sell “chai” (tea) which is good black tea with cardamom and some other flavors and then aerated with milk that they pour back and forth between two cups- we were there for a little over a month and I’ve never found anything that comes close here in the US- not even the “chai” sold in fancy coffee/tea shops.

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I recently learned that adding milk to hot tea robs the tea of the health benefit. I like WUYI Chinese tea. I usually drink it iced though. I keep a pitcher of cold tea in the fridge. I think any tea is real. Some better quality then others.
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