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Another ad that really bugs me is the one where the guy tells you they have information that your cc company doesn't want you to know. It sends a message that you aren't really responsible for debts you run up. Every time I see that guy I want to smack him. LOL
Lawyer ads are horrible. My Dad was a lawyer and the first time he saw an ad on TV he just shook his head. He was so dignified and that really bothered him. To him law was a profession, not a business.
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I don't like any commercials. If I'm watching TV it gets muted during commercial breaks. Same with youtube. Thankfully streaming services are largely without commercials, or tend to have very few.
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I love this commercial, this company makes some good ones. Guinness Commercial
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My Dh used to record/PVR every show he wanted to watch. Then he could fast forward through the commercials. Now I watch tv (as it's meant to be ) commercials and all. I even watch them Usually on stuff I've PVR'd. Don't necessarily like them but I need a break from the show... I guess. There still are commercials I'll fast forward but I'm usually too lazy or busy to do so.
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