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I used to love the "Mayhem" commercials I think they were for Allstate insurance.
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Originally Posted by Sandra-P View Post
I used to love the "Mayhem" commercials I think they were for Allstate insurance.
I absolutely hate those ads! It just goes to show that people have different likes and dislikes.

I'm fed up with the "check your zip code" ads. Doesn't Joe Namath have something better to do, like selling pantyhose? I like most ads with animals (except when they superimpose a talking mouth on the animal's face).
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Has any one seen the new commercial for Jeep and the dinosaur? It's a hoot.
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I despise all the Medicare ads; some insurance companies are calling their plan--Medicare Part C. The one ad that is the worst is a woman nagging her husband to call and she just talks and talks but if she knows it all why did she not do the calling.
The drug ads can be more deadly than the old ads for cigarettes and booze that have been banned for health reasons.

The Omega-3 ads run for almost 5 minutes here along with Cindy Crawford and her $$$$ beauty products and then the skin ad by Jane Seymore runs about the same.
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How come the commercials are short when I need to take a bathroom break?
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I only like the ones with animals. And I HATE the drug ads. I mean, really, how many people even have that specific ailment.
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I don't think I've popped in here but i love the Pampers ad with the new mother and her baby, when they place the baby on her chest and it's looking up at her while she talks to it. so cute!!!
all other commercials are so bad for the most part.
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The drug ads really bother me. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest between the sheer volume of pharmaceutical ads we see during news broadcasts, and those same broadcasts telling us we need vaccinations or we'll die?
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I saw another bad one the other day. A Mom is in a hospital setting in the bed. The family members are looking sad until the Mom tells them she has life insurance for her final expenses. You can get up to $30,000 insurance when she dies---then they are not sad anymore.

Quiltwoman44, I LOVE that ad but it is an old one, I wonder how old the baby is now.
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Doctors do not like the drug ads and really don’t appreciate their,patients going into their office asking/demanding this or that medication. The only one I take is Ozempic and have been taking since before I saw the ads - has worked perfectly for my diabetes and lost over 20lbs. But never, ever tell anyone to go and get this medication - only a Doctor can do that if it is warranted. Oh, and it’s not cheap at the Pharmacy!!!!!

Sandy in Mooresville, NC
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