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Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
It's slang for being politically correct.
I just thought it was a put down used by the cons. seriously!
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Originally Posted by KalamaQuilts View Post
I said "say it ain't so Joe" at a recent gathering and several people got it.
I was serving on a non-profit board a couple years back, and at one meeting where we were discussing repairing something mechanical, I said "I know nothing" with a thick German accent, ala Sgt. Schultz of Hogan's Heroes. One guy laughed and laughed. I was kind of disappointed that no one else got it, we were all of an age that we should have.

Originally Posted by KalamaQuilts View Post
The news and ads were brain poison.
I agree wholeheartedly.
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Our grandson’s dog thumped his tail on the floor & my husband said it made him think of the old Hamm’s Beer commercial. (From the Land of Clear Blue Waters) We found the old black and white commercial online and showed it to our 30 year old grandson who loved it. We enjoyed it too. Probably one of the best ever.

I never see the AFLAC duck commercials anymore but they were all great.

A local car dealer uses his son and daughter in his radio ads. The daughter has a voice that could cut tin so I just leave the room at that point.

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I hate all the medicare commercials. People wanting to get all they are entitled to.

I have seen some really good ones. I don't remember them until I see them as they don't play the good ones as much.

I hate the lawsuit ones. Lawyers come out on that one. All the medicines too. Horrible side effects.
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I agree with those Medicare advantage commercials - I wouldn’t tough advantage for anything - and what’s with this entitled thing? No one Is “entitled” !!!! One of my doctors doesn’t even take Medicare advantage. When something sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!!

Thanks for listening,
Sandy in Mooresville, NC. But I’m reality on the road to COLORADO to see our family - middle of Kansas right now!!!!?
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Where have all the white people gone? I am definitely not racist, but no white people. Messaging is not good.
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Sometimes I remember just parts of a commercial - but have no recollection of the product/service being advertised.

plop plop fizz fizz - for Alka Seltzer

Where's the beef?

Rusco - annoying music/singing?

I think I liked the old "don't squeeze the Charmin " ads better than the current bears.

Liberty liberty liberty - just buy what you need - still ads up!

It seems like it is mostly lawyer/law firms seeking compensation for clients' injuries that advertise.

Medicare advantage plans cover some of what Medicare itself does not. What one can get for x$ varies from provider to provider and state to state and even county to county in a given state. It is worth the time to talk to a broker that specializes in that type of insurance.

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I like the Chewy ads with the pets.
I dislike all the medicare ads. Unless you just become egible (age or its time for renewal)
you can't just do over for this year.
The robo calls for senior insurance also is my dislike.
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That is what the fast forward button is for. Even if we want to watch the rare “live” program, we start it, hit pause, wait 15 minutes and then watch. Usually we don't catch up and can FF through the commercials. Funny side story - the two youngest grands used to say “commerchinals”. Of course they outgrew it.
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spam reported
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