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Default "Useful" words - - -

There are some words that are so "handy" - they acknowledge that the comment was heard, but do not affirm or negate the comment - but can "say" so much with inflection!


Interesting -
Whatever -

What do you say when you "heard" the comment - but that's about all you want to do with/about it?

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"got it" has been added to my list but it tends to tick the hubby off...lol. "whatever" also tends to be a ticker trigger...
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well, bless your heart....
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Originally Posted by ptquilts View Post
well, bless your heart....
Always thought that one was a bit backhanded lol
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If it's gossip - especially mean gossip - "Really? Who told you that?" Often, when I ask for a source, the conversation dies. "Really? Let's go ask him/her about that." also kills the conversation.

When I worked, it seemed that I had a reputation for not spreading rumors, gossiping. I was amazed at how many people would come to talk to me and preface their conversation with, "I know that you won't tell anyone what i tell you..." and then spill their guts about something personal that was bothering them. Most of them didn't want advice, just a trusted, non-judgmental ear.

Lucky for me and them, I never heard anything criminal from any one of them.
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Interesting you would say this cathyvv. Because I didn't spread rumors people sometimes thought I didn't have an opinion. Sometimes it's difficult to know who to be faithful to by telling someone or not.
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My DH and I have a few comments for things:

If some one tells us their plans (which we know will never happen). We reply with..."I'd like to see that."

If they are giving advice we don't plan on taking....."I've never thought about it that way."
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I hate when people say,"Whatever",
it's almost as bad as a curse to me.
I hate when people say, I find that hard to believe. which to me means, you're lying.
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I use the look-straight-into-the-eyes, "mmmphf" thing.

Jan in VA
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