Vinegar! Any ideas?

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Default Vinegar! Any ideas?

I have been seeing a lot about vinegar how it is good for your health lately. I wonder if any of you have any ideas how one would drink vinegar. Does one just drink it plain, or mix it with something the only thing I can think is in beet pickle juice. Or are there vitamins out there called vinegar...?
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I've heard of apple cider vinegar!
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I only buy apple cider vinegar since other than red wine, red or white balsamic I only use apple. I don't like the taste of white and it will do the same as the apple. I buy it by the gallon, not only do I use it in my foods, like over spinach or cooked cabbage, or pickled beets, use it to freshen and whiten my clothes, it removes smells better than anything, I have it in a spray bottle because my dog has allergies to fleas and it helps her not itch so much, the vet says its good to clean their ears out with and prevents yeast infections and helps clear them up so I'm sure it'll do the the same for us. Do a google search and you can find tons of ways to use it in foods besides salads and some of the other things that I've mentioned. I also use it when I make poached eggs, a little in the water helps the eggs gel around themselves instea of running and that's also why I put it along with a heavy dose of salt in my water when boiling eggs. The vinegar will keep them congelled if they crack so all the good stuff doesn't run out into the water and the salt helps them peel better.
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you can add some to your drinking water but I am not sure what you would gain. I used to work with a lady who did that. I asked her why, she said it helped to keep your body slightly acid and that was good.

A - you are taking 5% acid vinegar, diluting it with water, and putting it in your stomach which is already extremely acid.(PH of about 1).

B- your body knows and controls how acid/alkaline it should be, if you could change it significantly, you would DIE. Look up acidosis.

I did not tell her any of this, my theory is, don't tell anyone something they don't want to hear.
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I heat white vinegar to boiling and then take the pot through the house so the steam will disinfect the air. I do this every day when someone has a cold or flu. The vinegar smell goes away in a few minutes. My family loves crock made sauerkraut, we eat it like salad, so we get enough natural vinegar.
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​If you have digestion problem due to low acid, then vinegar can help. If you have acid reflux or too much acid, it will get worse.
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There is differing views on everything. I don't take it but know others who do. Check out the article re type 2 diabetes on this link, near the bottom.
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Some swear by adding a cup of apple cider in a quart size canning jar ( the biggest one) , fill the jar with water and refrigerate.. drink a glass a day... Never tried.. it just sounds yucky..
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Sorry if this sounds gross but I had an issue with what I believe to be a toenail fungus. Very small spot but anyway I heard that using vinegar helped to get rid of it. It is working. I used white vinegar and just rubbed some on it everyday. Oh well!
Yes you can drink apple cider vinegar but I would add honey or sugar. I have made the beet pickle juice when I fix pickled eggs. Have to taste the juice to season to your taste. makes really great looking deviled eggs and great on a salad.
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I have type 2 diabetes. I drink 8oz. water, 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp. honey. You could also mix 1-2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar with apple juice. (too much sugar for me) This also helps with my fall allergies. My sister has too much acid in her tummy so she can't do this. But she does soak her hands in the mixture below to help ease her arthritis. Vinegar reduces inflammation and disinfects too.

I use white vinegar to soak my feet (plastic shoe box filled 1/4 way with luke warm water and 3T of white vinegar) soak for 15 minutes. rub feet dry with towel. Removes dead skin and keeps fungus or bad stuff away. (My foot doctor gave me that one)
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