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Thread: War Horse Movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenheron View Post
    Millions of horses died during WWI and were slaughtered for food after the armistice. The War marked the end of "horse power" for the developed nations as mechanization advanced. Some men volunteer--some men are drafted but the animals wereallconscripts.

    Our ancestors came to America for religious and economic freedom, yes, but we forget that many came to escape the unending wars of Europe in which they were unwilling participants or innocent victims. During our Revolutionary War, peasants from Hess were forced into uniform by their overlord and then sent as mercenaries to America for no reason than to line his pockets.

    The official line about the executed dogs was that they were considered too dangerous to be returned to civilian homes. A tragedy, but they were trained to kill.
    TRAINED is the operative word here. I have had a military trained dog sit on my lap and give kisses to children. I would trust that dog before I would ever trust and untrained one. The reason they were killed is that they were expendable-just dumb animals-not worth the time or money to bring them home.

    MAN is the worst animal out there!!

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    Not every military trained dog is trained to kill. We hear lots of stories now about dogs who are shipped home to retire as pets.

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    My brother adopted a beautiful, military-trained German Shepherd dog, who for some minor fault was washed out of the service before active duty. He knew and responded correctly to dozens of commands and our whole family loved him. The military line was those dogs who had seen combat service were too dangerous to bring home. I do not agree with the military line--it was a tragedy. Protection dogs are trained to pursue and apprehend and still function in a home situation. The country barely provides for human veterans suffering in mind, body and spirit so it's no surprise that canine veterans were written off. Our extended family includes three GSDs, two mutts, a Doberman, a Rotweiller, a Tibetan spaniel, a JRT, and two combat veteran humans.

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    Nativetexan: I am with you. It is best I do not see this movie either.

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    My husband was in World war 2 and when he came home he never talked about it.Two days before he died 65 years later he said to me"I have saw things no human person should ever have to see"" I knew he was thinking of his war years.Handquilter

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