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What is the cheapest thing you do?

What is the cheapest thing you do?

Old 01-30-2011, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Barbshobbies
I am looking for a pattern on how to make scrubbies, but can`t find one. :lol: Barb
Heloise to the rescue!!
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Originally Posted by ptquilts
Originally Posted by Barbshobbies
I am looking for a pattern on how to make scrubbies, but can`t find one. :lol: Barb
Can you make them out of the red plastic onion bags??
Here's a pattern--
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Use as dust rags over your hand
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I buy most of mine and my children's clothing at the Goodwill. I cut open containers to get the last bits of the product out. I serge around bath towels, washcloths, etc that are starting to fray to make them last longer. I hang laundry up to dry. I reuse tinfoil. I also have my children to change into old play clothes when they come home from school.
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Old 01-30-2011, 03:01 PM
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OK, I stopped reading on pg 12 but I've done lots of these! Homemade laundry soap, baby wipes, cloth diapers that I made myself, mama cloth, composting, washing, reusing, composting. And still I got more ideas I haven't tried!

Something lately, there are always lots of coupons in the paper for body wash & razors...I stocked up a few months ago on both when they were on sale + coupons, almost time again so I'll start watching the ads, I never pay more than $1/bottle or pkg.
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Swiffers--the miorofiber cloths in the automotive dept at walmart are awesome, 8 for $5, blue & white cloths. They last a long time & if you're a cloth diapering mama, they're awesome folded in 3rds in pocket AIO's ;)

Also, I haven't paid more than 75 cents for jeans in the last 3 yrs, I get them at the goodwill outlet, and I get my favorite Gap bootcut jeans :)
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Originally Posted by Missysgottohelp
I recycle my old Christmas cards by cutting the front into shapes like a circle, oval or Christmas tree. I then cut the verse out of the inside. I make new Christmas cards using these. I use white card stock. Some times I cut some colored paper that goes good with the picture and place it under the picture and verse. I've been doing this for years. I get some beautiful cards and just hate throwing them out.
What a great idea! Have to try it. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Rose_P
I installed two programmable thermostats yesterday. It was quite easy and saved almost $200 over what the HVAC man wanted to charge. They are supposed to save money, though probably won't because we were already in the habit of adjusting the temperature at night and any time we're not home. I would like to hang clothes on a line outdoors fairly often, but our community assn. considers clotheslines unsightly. The dryer uses lots of energy, and I need more exercise. Besides, clothes hung outside smell wonderful.
i think we all should unite and tell these people that object to clothes lines,thats its free, the clothes smell nice, and the hot sun can bleach and disinfect. really i dont see any problem with hanging them outsite.
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Originally Posted by Maggie_1963
us either, we have gone back to using cloth napkins, so much nicer too, I use used dryer sheets for foundation for crazy quilt blocks, (thanks claudia!), use handmadeor reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, but, if forgotten, we use those in the small bathroom wastebaskets, also use the juice out of peppercini jars added in potato salad, macaroni salad and on pinto beans, mmm good! I send milk and OJ in those jars in DH lunch tote!
I stuff plastic grocery bags in empty tissue boxes and set them by my small trash cans. When I have a more boxes than trash cans I give them to the older ladies that I know. They don't get as many groceries as I do.
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Originally Posted by valinwa
this is a bad one, my DH puts holes in sox faster than I can buy them, so I put them on turned around so the hole is on top of my foot, and I wear them around the house like slippers, they're kinda big so I turn the cuff down. Needless to say I am looking for ways to use old worn sox, any ideas? I have bags full. They're all white short crew sox.
Fix the hole and make them into little snow people. You take the sock, fill it with rice. Put styrofoam head on it painted, cap. They are cute. I have the pattern for them.
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