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Originally Posted by sueisallaboutquilts View Post
The nuns called where we put our coats the cloak room. No, I am not 100 !! hahahaha
My grand daughters kindergarten still calls them "cloak rooms" just like we did in my one-room school 70 years ago. We say pop or soda or with Uncle Gus its "pop-sody". Also couch, creek not crick, crayfish not crawdads, water fountains, gravel roads and hard roads (oil or asphalt), potlucks not carry-in dinners, lunch at noon and supper later, grocery bags not sacks, noodles not pasta, green beans not string beans, yard sales not tag sales, invitations not invites, and so many more. Regional sayings are always interesting. I had a professor of linguistics in college who would have you answer certain questions and could tell where you were from. Also we have lived in many states and I always have to wonder about people who say they have no accent. Everyone has an accent. Guess they have never been anywhere else.
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Old 06-25-2017, 09:35 AM
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This thread is just what I needed! Something fun and enjoyable to reflect upon! A sort of walk down Memory Lane topic.

I haven't been able to find out what happened to my original entry, but nevertheless, here it is again for the second time.

Couch - never sofa or Davenport
Fridge - not refrigerator
Pop for soda
Skiff or dusting of snow
Chocolate bar - never candy bar
Washing or laundry, and when I hang it on the line, clothesline, never "washline" (like my mom calls it)
Supper - last meal of the day
Washing machine - seldom say "washer"
Coffee - not java, mud, or a cuppa-a
Spanking, spankin', or a paddling - not "lickin" like my mom used to say, and boy did we used to get some bad ones
Breckie - rather then breakfast
Cigarettes - not smokes
When I put out a cigarette, I butt it, not stub it
I take a drag from my cigarette
Panties or underpants - very seldom "underwear"
Rubber sheets (baby's crib) - not "waterproof" or "plastic sheets" as my SIL calls them
It was always cloth diapers in our home, and over top of the diapers went "rubber pants", not plastic pants
Diaper pins or safety pins - I say either/or, even though each are different
Diaper pail - not diaper bucket
Tea-Towel - not dish-towel
Dish-cloth - not dish-rag
Wipers - are household dusting/cleaning cloths
When it's raining hard out, I usually say pouring
TV - for television
Pasta - for all types other than spaghetti, which I'm always specific about
In the Springtime, we "turn" the garden - not till it
When my back aches after gardening, I often say, oh, my poor back is killing me
Starving - for when I'm hungry, though my mom used to tell us kids, none of you are starving. LOL!
Supermarket or shopping - not grocery shopping. Sometimes I'll say, I'm going to get groceries
Pants or slacks - never jeans (even though I don't wear jeans)
Soother - never pacifier. My kids always had soothers
Ginchor gaunch - for underpants when my sons were little
My mom says diapers, when she's referring to cloth diapers, and Pampers, for disposables (doesn't matter what brand)
Phone for telephone
When I need to go the bathroom, I say "bathroom", not washroom
My husband takes a dip or swim, not a bath. LOL!
When my kids were babies and needed changing, I'd often say, let's change your pants, not diapers
Training pants - for those thick padded toilet training panties we used to use when training our kids to go potty. My mom calls them soakers
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gravel road for me too. Soda water for Cokes, etc. Scared as all get out. Sofa or couch. Dinner is the evening meal. Lunch is about Noon. an increase in my salary would be a raise ,not a rise!

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I looked up "gits". Seems to be undesirable people or things. That would make me think it was pouring.
I was born in Missouri but raised in the southwest too. Dad was in the service so I was happily exposed to many people. The only words so far that I wasn't familiar with in everyday usage are a few from the northeast. Been called a hillbilly many times.
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Originally Posted by Rntraveler View Post
Now, when I worked in NM last year (Roswell) the apt't there had "swamp coolers" instead of A/C... believe me, they were no competition for the A/C back home here in Alabamee...
Swamp coolers are used all over the southwestern states. They do the opposite of air conditioners to provide cool air. They put moisture in as AC's take it out. Difference is the humidity level outside...very high in Alabama, very low in NM.
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Just remembered another that I seldom here anymore, toilet training. Unless I'm talking with an older mother like myself, younger moms tend to say "potty training".
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Odd, isn't it? They can drop the F bomb all over the place, but they don't want to say toilet.
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Originally Posted by popover View Post
Odd, isn't it? They can drop the F bomb all over the place, but they don't want to say toilet.
My goodness, you said it, Popover! So very true.
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We have a couch and drink soda now but drank pop in Michigan. When we lived in Kentucky everything was Coke, and Sprite was white coke-Big Red was always Big Red though. My NC family "carry everyone, they don't take them" and they go to the picture show not the movies. I live on the Gulf in Florida so we hear it all because everyone is from everywhere, only the kids are native Floridians!
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