What washer to buy?

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Default What washer to buy?

My Maytag washer from 1982! Has finally given it up!!! Iím thinking about replacing it with a front loader. Any recommendations? There is just the two of us so it doesnít need to be huge...maybe 4 cu ft?
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Originally Posted by Love2Craft View Post
My Maytag washer from 1982! Has finally given it up!!! I’m thinking about replacing it with a front loader. Any recommendations? There is just the two of us so it doesn’t need to be huge...maybe 4 cu ft?
I had a frontloader by Kenmore. Never would I buy another one, even if it was free and gift-wrapped. I replaced it with a Speedqueen. We went to Warrenton, Oregon to look at them and buy. It was delivered and set up, even hauling off the old one.
There are only two of us and just about every load I run is an extra-large load, probably because I think I am extra large, and both of us are tall.
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Another Speed-Queen girl here. It is a top loader. I can adjust the water level during the fill if needed. Add more clothes to the wash too. It has a hot wash coming from the hot water heater. New washer regs don’t let the temp go above a certain point. The washer will add cold water to lower the temp of hot water.

I want to choose the wash temp and don’t need regs in my wash loads. LOL.

You are wise to do your research first.
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Maytags are super good! I had one for many, many years. When it went to washer heaven I got a top load Fisher & Paykel 2nd hand from a man from church whose wife wanted a front load one. The Fisher & Paykel, from Australia, I think, is wonderful!! I've had it for 5 or 6 years now and it has been perfect!!
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We've had 2 front-loaders and are not happy with them. While they clean well enough, the trouble is they are prone to mildew around the rim, and sometimes I feel there's not enough water for certain loads. The first washer didn't live more than six years before ball bearing wore out. Our current one is usually okay but sometimes doesn't spin the clothes completely dry, for reasons we can't figure out.

When I was talking to a local independent appliance store owner, she sang the praises of Speed Queen top loaders. Said they hold huge loads or comforters easily, you adjust the water load and temp, they clean very well, they rarely need a service call, and they're real workhouses. It would be my first pick when we need to replace our Samsung.
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I'm a Fisher/Paykel top loader from Lowes girl. They have a super-sonic spin cycle mode that leaves the cloths so dry that a shorter dry cycle is need in the dryer. (thats where the big money in electricity is spent). has out lasted any previous washer by 4 life cycles.
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I have a top loading LG (no agitator) machine with a 10 year warranty. I love the machine and recommended it to a friend who was looking for a new machine. The last 2 machines I've had lasted 5 to 7 years. Repairing just wasn't worth it. So maddening!
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If all I was washing was family laundry (clothes, etc.), I would be very satisfied with a front loader. It does spin the water out so I don't have to dry as long. I wipe excess moisture up after finishing using it every time to avoid mold and have been successful with that. It's really fine for the non-quilter or someone who makes only smaller quilts. However, because front loaders use less water than top loaders, it isn't the best at washing larger quilts because it doesn't use as much water. The more water there is around a quilt, the better that floating dye can be rinsed away rather than re-integrated into the quilt. I now feel I should go to a laundromat to wash bigger quilts to avoid bleeding dye. Just MHO.
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I have had both. I did not like the front loader (Kenmore Elite) that I had for 5 years. There was nothing I liked about it. I did not feel that it cleaned well and it certainly did not rinse well. I was so glad to move out of that house and away from that washer. Prior to that I had had Kenmore top loaders. That is what I went back to and I really like my machine. It does have an agitator and I like that very much. My DIL has a top loader without the agitator and does not like it very much. I will never consider another front loader.
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I'll join the Speed Queen Commerial Washer Fan Club. They are made for laundrymats so they have to be simple and tough. They don't talk to your phone, but they allow you to select the water level that you want. Since they are so basic, there are fewer things that need repair. I was made aware of this machine by an appliance repairman.

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