What was your First Job?

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My first job was working for my dad at his service station in the late 60s early 70s. I always had to stay with my dad when my mom was busy so I learned from the age of 9 to do chores around the station. I then started pumping gas for a job when I was 14. I did it for no pay but it kept me busy I guess! LOL My dad would give me money whenever so it was all good. I remember Dad having me sit in the car he was working on so when it was up on the hoist I could work the brake while he bled the lines or whatever he needed me to do. I learned to take a book with me. He would sometimes forget I was up ther and leave me! I had to learn to shimmy down from the car door to the bay floor! LOL I had to pump gas in all weather and check the oil and the battery with every fill up. That was the days of full service. There was no self service then.I When I learned to drive he sent me on parts runs to the parts houses or the junkyard. He would sometimes loan out my car for someone he was working on their car. I worked after school and on Sats til I was 17 when he closed the station. Lots of memories of my dad are all wrapped up in the sights and smells of a gas station.

So what was your first job and what do you remember about the experience? We would love to hear!!
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My first job was teaching swimming lessons in the summer. I worked on our ranch, but I don't think that counts (O: I also worked after school at my uncle's gas station for gas money when we moved to town.
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I'm fairly young (33) but my first job was waitressing (ok, not counting babysitting). I got married during college & was a SAHM for 12 yrs, had a few sewing hobby biz's then. So I consider my first real paid job as an adult the 3rd one, I was a seamstress for an internationally known American company sewing athletic clothing, some for Olympic athletes. Neat idea, boring as heck, lol...I'm still sewing for a living, it doesn't pay much but it's what I do & I can get by.
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My mom was a phone operator and she got me a job with AT&T as a long distance operator. I was 18 at the time. Did it while I was in college. That was back in the days when you had a big board in front of you and you had these cords to pick up calls when the lights appeared. One cord to answer and one to dial out. Totally cool!!
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Rhonda, my first job was babysitting...they had 4 kids..they paid me $20 a week and the lady worked at the plant where they made lifesavers candy..so she would sometimes give me a case of lifesavers..we always got to try out the newest flavors before they went to the public..then I went to work for a couple who owned a Dairy Belle burger stand. The lady then took me with her when she opened a pie company..we made turn over pies and her DD & I would deliver them to different resturants early in the morning before school started...good old days *L*
Linda B.
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I worked part time at our local bank in my senior year of high school. Enjoyed it most of the time.
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Originally Posted by np3
My mom was a phone operator and she got me a job with AT&T as a long distance operator. I was 18 at the time. Did it while I was in college. That was back in the days when you had a big board in front of you and you had these cords to pick up calls when the lights appeared. One cord to answer and one to dial out. Totally cool!!
OMG~~~I remember those days !!
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My 1st job was babysitting. My 1st "real" job was working as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Starting pay in 1968 $0.50 per hour. A few months later I got a raise to $1.00 per hour. Sure wish people could get a 50% raise these days! LOL....
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My first job was babysitting. I was 13 when neighbors had the first baby and sat for them till after I graduated from high school. There were 3 kids by then. I got paid 35cents an hour. And during the summer when she worked full time I watched all 3 kids all day, canned peaches for her, was allowed to use her sewing machine during naptime. When they went on vacation I took care of their animals, coon dogs, mink, goats, pigeons, and chickens.
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My first job was at Ricky's Dog House; a fast food hotdog place. It was 1971. I remember learning the cash register and giving change - something kids can't do today. I remember an elderly couple - he ordered coffee and a small french fry. They came every Saturday. He drank the coffee and she ate the fries. I also remember the boy who cleaned the fryer was severely burned when the oil splashed all over his chest. I was only 15, but I didn't panic. Got him cold towels and ice and cleaned up the mess while he sat with the ice. Boy, those are old memories.
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