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Default JoAnns coupons

Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem using coupons from the JoAnns app on your phone? The last 3 visits at three different stores Iíve had a problem. Each time when I got in the store the app wouldnít open, so no coupon. Today I brought the coupons up while in the parking lot, bar codes were there, when I went to pay the app was still open but bar codes were gone. She was able to get the # and put it in that way so I was able to get the discount. I canít be the only one it happens to can I??
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I always have that problem when I get to the checkout. I turn off my WIFI to access the coupons
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I had a problem with accessing coupons and JoAnn's website when I was in the store, also. One of the sale's ladies said that I needed to delete that ap and start a new JoAnn's ap with new password. She said that JoAnn's had so many people with the ap that they deleted that bunch of ap's and that one had to start a new account. I probably didn't explain that very well b/c it didn't make sense at the time either. Anyway, I did as she said - deleted the old ap and put a new one on. Now, it works. I hope this helps. We need those discounts...
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Can you take a screenshot of the coupon before going into the store?
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When I started reading this I was reminded of a story about Target and something similar.

I'm thinking a screenshot would be good, too. I know Hobby Lobby honors their coupon that way -- or least they have. I also have "my location" turned off. But then again, I don't really have any store apps on my phone.

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Question #1 that we get is why don't my email coupons have bar codes anymore. We explain that the email just 'alerts' you to the savings and you need to go to the app to get them. The idea that 'too many people were using the app so Joanns deleted some' is someone trying to make up an excuse to tell the customer. This does not happen. What often happens is many stores have slow wifi. If possible, turn off your wifi and go straight through your phone. Or screenshot it in the parking lot. Reminder, if you are having a problem with the phone, most of the cashiers are younger folks and one thing they are absolutely great at is getting around in any phone - ask their help.

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I don't shop Joann's very often. But my biggest issue is that when they send me a 50-70% off coupon, anything I would want to buy is "on sale" so can't used on them. The sale price isn't all that good anyway.

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NZquilter, That is exactly what I do. Too many “lost” coupons. Very easy to screen shoot.
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I never have any of these problems. I get Joann's in my regular email, and also in a text message. Either way, I click on "Get Coupons" and they all come up, usually about 6 and the cashier scans the ones that apply to my purchase. Sometimes the scanner doesn't pick up the bar code, and we have to stretch the bar code open or enlarge it a bit, and then sometimes the cashier just enters the barcode number and gets it that way. I don't even want the Joann's app..
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That's the problem for me also.
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