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  • Any suggestions on an embroidery machine?

  • Any suggestions on an embroidery machine?

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    Originally Posted by Sheri.a
    Here is an example of my first attempt with Artistic Digitizer taking a picture and changing it to redwork in the Artistic Digitizer. It's a picture of the farmhouse I grew up in that I made into a pillow for my brother. This software is a game changer for me.
    I'm new to Embroidery. Which of the following embroidery machines would you recommend: Janome 400E, 500E, 550E or
    Babylock Flourish II?
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    Originally Posted by ZooAnimals
    Hi ..The cost of new single head embroidery machines today even at $10000-$20000 I think is unwarranted..They are big girls toys and the manufacturers prey on all the new updates- flashing lights and fancy gadgets to lure people into buying them ..They still only embroider . I personally would be purchasing 15 head machine if spending that sort of money and would have a business running from output its capable of producing.... I looked at buying a new machine when I became interested in embroidery as my wife wouldn't let me use her machine..just said if you want to play embroidery get your own machine ..I thought the Janome 550 e was very good value for the discounted price Has hoop size I needed 14"x8" and plenty of smaller hoops plenty of bells & whistles including Bluetooth and software to run the big hoop without having to split design which is a plus...The wife has been embroidering since late 90's so she has had several Janome machines 8000-9000-10000 and her current 11000se which she is more than happy with as the newer machines became available there wasn't much improvement to warrant updating so she has stuck to it and keeps it well serviced ..I was impressed with her machine and the service it has given so I found a low mileage well serviced MC 11000 and its been great so far ...Zoo
    I have the Pfaff Creative Icon. Yes it's expensive compared to my original Pfaff 7570 which I loved. I had so many hours on that machine it would have make your head spin. I agree that the manufacturers are preying on our wanting the bells and whistles. I've hit the point with sewing/embroidery machines as I have cars. 2020 is the year I quit. I purchased the Icon at a good deal with a trade from Performance. Why, internet capabilities. It's also so easy to update firmware. I find it great to have the manual at my finger tips not having to leaf through page after page in a book and still not find what I wanted. I have the capability to do everything that many have many more machines for. I can sew, piece a quilt, embroider, quilt my quilts on my Icon free motion or embroidery or rulers.

    I have firmly decided to quit buying sewing machines and cars. I have what I want, My Rav has the bells and whistles that assists a person with a fused neck can drive and see and be safe.
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    I have no experience with the machines you mentioned. My preference is Pfaff and that's just my preference. If I were new, I'd first look at dealers of machines in your area. You want support and classes. My area has Pfaff, Bernina and Babylock only. If I were to purchase, which I'm not and wasn't going to buy Pfaff I'd go Bernina.

    Back in the day when Singer joined Pfaff to produce machines for 3rd world countries things slipped and got a bad wrap. Now that Husquvarna has taken over Pfaff a number of years ago the TOL machines are almost identical with the exception to the integrated dual feed which is exclusive to Pfaff. The dual feed makes sewing and piecing precise because of having even feeding rather than having to use a walking foot. I've never owned a walking foot because of the IDF.

    If I were new, I'd have to ask myself if this is the only machine I'm going to own what all do I want to do with it? Keep a list and take that list shopping with you. Be assured a dealer is going to try to upsale you.

    Now that I have the Creative Icon which does everything and more that I would want I've stopped. Sure Viking just came out with laser which will soon be on Pfaff if not already. What's it going to do that I can't already do? Probably not much.
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    I would recommend the Babylock or Brother equivalent. They are both made by Brother. Great machines. Intuitive, shallow learning curve, reliable and a joy to use.

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