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Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb. >

Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb.

Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb.

Old 09-14-2011, 01:58 PM
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I usually hoop the sticky stabilizer, stick the fabric on, then baste around it with the option available. I also add the water soluble on top before I sew.

One of the first things I embroidered was blues clues on fleece. Boy was that a learning experience. Talk about the outline being off!!

Sometimes I use the knit iron-on stabilizer and place it opposite to the grain of the fabric. It is not very heavy so it doesn't add too much to the thickness of the fabric.
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Old 09-14-2011, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by sewmom
Originally Posted by ncredbird
I went to her site and looked at the Sock Monkey designs. She has quite a few Sock Monkey collections. Which one do you have? I need to do a quilt for a grand son and I thought these would be perfect. Ann in TN
It's called Sweet Sock Monkeys.....filled. #DBJJ478 I got the filled designs as apposed to the applique, b/c right now there is sock monkey fabric that looks like the sock, but what if years down the road you can't find it anymore. so i found a tweed embroidery thread, Bear Brown by Robison-Anton379070 that looks like the sock part. the directions called for a solid brown, but I liked this look. i suppose if a person bought even a yard of the fabric, that would make an awful lot of appliques.):
Thanks for the reply!! I have see quite a bit of Sock Monkey fabric and thought it would be great on the back of the quilt. Ann in TN
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Originally Posted by sewmom
Originally Posted by LINDA CATLEGE
Michigan to Lewisville Tx quite a drive, wave going down I35 thru Norman, if you go that way. Have a safe trip, and I love the sock Monkey.
yeah, it's about 1200miles. will wave too(if we go that way) LOL
Take me with u!!!!! I'm a native Texan... family still there. we visit freq...... ~~waving~~
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It's not very big I would slow my stitching down. Some larger patters are ok for a fast stitch, but I found a small pattern is better is a slower stitch is used. Cute monkey tho. I use fabric color pins also.
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I found many diffrent ways to do this and one was to use a traight stitch to fill in and the other a short zig zag. the other is to use a fine tiped pen. So far these are all I have tried and they turned out fine, but I agree it is in the hooping and the stabelizer. I too found out the hard way, I did do all of them over but now I do not, I find outer means and try a more expesive stabelizer, good luch, it really is not that noticeable but I too would see it even if no one else did....I would not do them over though....Good luck on you endevers
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I have good luck with cut away with spray.Tear away isn't as stable.The spray adhesive helps too. Check out emblibrary site They share information and help allot with education.
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This happened to me more than once. I had to fill in with black stitches, free motion.

When it happened for the third or fourth time I now enlarge the design in the software and check it. If it looks like the outline will be off I move it in or pull the fill stitches out just a tad past the outline.

Believe it or not. I've found commercial designs missing fill stitches!
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Originally Posted by Crqltr
Fill in the white with fine tip pigment pens and no one will ever know!
I totally agree and when doing ur next design use a heavier stabilizer it should help.
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One thing we were told at an embroidery class is once you have the stablizer/fabric in the hoop is don't push or pull to tighten the sandwich, if you do the outlining will be off. Not sure if that could be the problem or not but...
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Originally Posted by sewmom
I figured the issue was user error, but didn't know what I did to cause it. The design is from Designs by juju and it is going into a quilt for my new grandson who was born on 9/2/2011. We are leaving on Sept. 30th to drive to Lewisville, Tx to see him. (nothing like waiting for the last minute, right?). The thread that I used for the "sock" parts is a tweed thread by Robison-Anton. I didn't like the solid cinnamon color that was recommended. I will be sure to show pictures of the WIP and of course the finished quilt and definitely one with DGs and quilt. Thanks again for the helpful tips and comments.
Congrats on your grandchild!!! While you're in Lewisville, visit Quilt Country www.quiltcountry.com It has been our FAVORITE store in our trek during the Quilt Across Texas.
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