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Advice Needed on Yo-yo Quilt

Advice Needed on Yo-yo Quilt

Old 06-06-2018, 04:13 AM
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Default Yo yo

Usually no back.
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I would do nothing to that lovely yo-yo coverlet! Offer it for auction as is....
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Old 06-06-2018, 04:59 AM
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This is a very interesting thread.
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I have two yo yo quilts and there is no backing. I have a white spread on my bed and I put the yo-yo on top and it looks great. Yes, they are delicate but so far, mine work great. From what I’ve read, there never is a backing, but I guess you could put one on if you figure out how to do it.
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Old 06-06-2018, 07:16 AM
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The auction committee is interested in using the yoyo quilt for their annual raffle, which is part of the auction fundraiser. Since they take the raffle quilts to various places for temporary display, that may be why they want it backed (due to extra handling and possible hanging).

I appreciate everyone's comments. I think I can tackle putting a back on this yoyo quilt. I volunteer at our university museum, mostly sewing on hanging sleeves, but I have also worked on mending two yoyo quilts. That experience tells me that I would like to make this one as durable as possible.
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I have a yo-yo “quilt” made by my mother back in the ‘30’s, and it has no backing. They used them as decoration over a solid color bedspread or sheet to give desired contrast. I also have a crocheted coverlet which she did out of an ivory Perle cotton, same effect, also no backing.

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I did, in fact, repair an heirloom yo-yo quilt that was full-size and had been put on a shelf for years because it was coming apart. A very aged widower contacted me as his late wife had made it as he treasured it, but wanted to use it. Because I did not want to compromise the hand work with machine "tacking" to a back, I did it by hand but made sure NOT to use a sheet. I only used a sheet once for handwork and almost crippled myself. Sheets may make fine backings for machine work; not hand.

Interesting that it was a color very similar to the one you show and indeed, I did back it with a very pale blue backing, but one that had a muted tone-on-tone to give it some interest other than a complete solid.

When I attached the yo-yos, I took a very small stitch at the beginning and ending of seam lines of the yo-yos, using a very fine, neutral, lighter color thread. I then passed the needle and thread between the top and bottom layer of one of the yo-yos to the next end of the seam and took another very small stitch over the seam and through the backing, etc., for the entire quilt. Of course, I repaired seams between the yo-yos as needed as I came to them.

So as not to give the appearance of binding on the top, I simply left about a 2" border on the backing and turned it back on itself twice = a 1" "hem." I mitered the corners and finished it by hand as well. He was very, very happy with the end result and handsomely rewarded my considerable effort. It was worth it to just see his reaction amid his sadness. And the quilt was now able to be handled and gently laundered without further damage.

Incidentally, I recently saw a YouTube by SewVeryEasy with very much the same procedure. I think she called it a "rolled" hem with mitered corners. It always looks so nice. (I found it. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVrGV2xSjbk&t=10s )

It is a lovely thing you do. Hope this helps. Quilting is all about the heart involved in it.
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Old 06-06-2018, 10:42 AM
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Jo, your post is the most beneficial personally to me so far. I can visualize your procedure. I have a few questions for you:
Did you put the "right side" of the backing fabric so that it could be seen between the yoyo's or turned so that the right side was seen on the back side, like a regular quilt would have it? If you had the right side peeking through the yoyo's, did you use a French seam when piecing the backing?
Also, I think it would be difficult for me to do that hem after the backing was attached to the yoyo's. Did you perhaps attach the yoyo's except for maybe 6" all around, then do the hem, and finally attach the last of the yoyo's all around?
Before attaching the yoyo's, did you pin each one to the backing?
Did you use any kind of hoop when sewing down the yoyo's?
Thank you so much for posting. In addition to the technique, you have given me the courage to forge ahead!
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This is my favorite. yoyo-quilt-gorgeous.jpg Your colors are perfect for this look. Very soft and romantic looking. I would do a straight stitch between the yoyo rows and catch the yoyos with a zigzag stitch, back to straight, then zigzag at next yoyo, etc. It would take a while, but it would be secure. Love your colors.

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