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Thread: Argh! Need Binding/Embellishment Idea: Valentines Day Card for DH!

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    The Creative Seamstress's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Ok - here's a vent and a dilemma.... (and sorry it's a bit lengthy).

    I don't know what it is today, maybe it's the fact that I've been waxing and waning with a headache bordering migrane... :( however I can't seem to tap into my creativity on this project to find a workable solution (or at least I think) without making a trip to the phreaking craft store. Here's the deal:

    First off, I'm still snowed in - so if I can't get there on a train, I can't go. We dug our car out yesterday on the side street but other people still digging themselves out have rudely piled up more snow in our freshly fully cleared area and even rudely dumped their know into the bed of our truck... so we're completely blocked in again... notwithstanding the side street having just (finally) gotten plowed. I personally cannot shovel all that snow, and the DH is on his trip - so that leaves me pretty well stuck until rather too close till Valentines (and then I can't finish this when he's home). I JUST CAN'T STAND RUDE PEOPLE!!!! :evil: Sorry - but I think that was really messed up of them to do that - but that kind of stuff happens out here in the city in the winter. :roll:


    As some of you know from another post of mine, I recently learned paper piecing. It really has opened so many doors... and I got my hands on a darling heart design that I wanted to use to make a quilted Valentine for my husband since I made the call this year to go old school... meaning no purchased Valentine gifts of any kind, particularly cards. No making Hallmark rich this year - construction paper and paper doilies if necessary, LOL.

    So I went into my stash and created this (see the pictures) from paper piecing the front and machine embroidering the back. I decided I'll use a Pigma Pen to write on and sign the back as I would a paper card, but I digress... When I originally went through my stash, the best two reds that I thought were compimentary that I had for this project are the ones you see, and I thought I'd have enough for binding even though the pieces were a little small. Guess what - I dont!

    So now I'm in the home stretch of finishing this quilted card, but I'm also out of ribbon (used it all at XMAS) and any other ribbon I have doesn't match, same with the one spool of lace I have. I have bridal tulle, but using just that alone would perhaps not flatter it the way I would want and I don't think would sufficiently hide the seam allowances as binding of course would. I also considered using the bridal tulle to embroider out some sort of insertion/beading style lace, but can't find any motifs online suitable, and I found 2 on "secretsof" but I don't want to spend $25 for the embroidery pack for just this one project.

    Then... digging deeper in my stash I found red organza/micromesh tulle with glitter in it, but the glitter is gawdy (gold) and the red color is way wild and doesn't work at all. I've got red yarn, but I think it would totally ruin this nice design, as the color is a tad off and I think might make it look totally kindergarten (which I wouldn't want to do after all this paper piecing) and ruin it. I thought of making serger lace on my serger in red or a red and white combo (because I don't think I have any red cone thread for the loopers except white but could use my rayon or polyester in the other needles) but that would be see through and not cover up the seam allowance... and I think that would make it look crappy after all this work.

    Searching some more, I've got plenty of unbleached cotton to hand dye, but no red dye! I thought of sewing a random sized cute looking button perimeter around the seam allowance on both sides, however I don't have enough buttons after ripping my sewing room apart... LMAO - I just don't know what to do at this point!

    So I'm wondering - do any of you all have any ideas for me!?! I'm open at this point for some input. I'm fresh out for the moment... can anyone help a sister out on how to finish the edges of this card? :-D

    Explosive blessings, abundance and inspiration to you all!
    - The Creative Seamstress

    Front of Quilted Card
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    Back of Quilted Card
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    Senior Member Maggie_1963's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    North Texas
    Got any red lipstick that is the longlasting? Give it a "kiss" on the back as your personal signature! Or, on the front in the middle! Also, anything black would work too...

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    Super Member mommamac's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Coast of Maine
    Can you turn it into a card by cutting a window in a piece of cardstock & laying fabric heart in window. Cover backside with fabric square or another square of cardstock.

    Or cut square of any material same size and sew right sides together & turn - topstitch around sides (like making a potholder)

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    Super Member kathdavis's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Blue Springs, Missouri
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    Use another color. Does it have to be red?

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    Super Member luckylindy333's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Snohomish, Washington
    If you have any paper, you can sew it onto a card. If you just want to finish off the edges, either satin stitch or bind it in red or white. I don't know why it would need anything else- I love it the way it is, it is beautiful!!! I am making my DH a mug rug- you could turn it into one of those if you wanted... or frame it in one of the frames that is glass on both sides, later after you can get out.

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    Super Member sewwhat85's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    there are some great ideas,how about using white fabric to bind and red decorative stitch

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    Aug 2010
    Central North Carolina
    Do you have any pink or white fabric to use as binding? You could also make pieced binding with the little red you have left over with white or pink if you really want red in the border. Good luck, it's very cute!

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    Senior Member nellebelles's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    "stashed" away in a mound of fabric
    I vote for the black binding, or the satin stitch around the edge in red. Either would look great!

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    Apr 2010
    I've never bound a card, I usually finish them with satin stitching or cording.

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    Senior Member redpurselady's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Black would look cool . . . and sexy!

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