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Attention:  All you long arm owners..... >

Attention: All you long arm owners.....

Attention: All you long arm owners.....

Old 01-11-2013, 06:05 PM
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Default Attention: All you long arm owners.....

How often do you get your machine serviced? And do you keep your machine well oiled? My long arm died last weekend. I took it to my Viking dealer for service and she returned it today. I thought I was doing a great job of keeping it oiled and cleaned of lint. But the repair lady told me that there were massive amounts of lint in areas that are sealed. That lint gets into the tiniest crevices. She tells me a long arm machine should be cleaned and serviced more often than a sewing machine due to the lint build-up. This lady has been servicing my sewing machines for years and knows I take excellent care of my machines, but she says long armers just don't know that they need regular service too.
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Old 01-11-2013, 06:32 PM
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So, your machine is OK now?
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Old 01-11-2013, 07:24 PM
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I think this lady is wrong about longarms needing more frequent maintenance. Most longarmers don't take their machines in, unless there's a severe problem, because their dealers are not usually nearby and the machines are meant to be cleaned, oiled, and maintained by the owner, much like vintage sewing machines. I know there are fewer places for lint to hide in my Innova than in my Bernina, and I also know that I can reach the (single) regular oiling point very easily (the bobbin hook). There is one other place that can occasionally be oiled (although not required), and that's also easily reached. As a Viking dealer, perhaps she doesn't frequently see longarms? Or perhaps she is familiar with only one brand? I frequent several longarm yahoo groups, and I don't remember anyone ever talking about needing to take their longarm in for regular servicing.
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Old 01-11-2013, 07:50 PM
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Most of the time I see the 'repair person' go to the longarmers home. This is because the machines are heavier and you don't just sew with them sitting on a table. And as dunster stated above they are made for us to take care of. I know my machine doesn't have any hidden places, the bottom is all open and I can see everything in the needle arm area. Not sure if I would be happy with a machine that was all enclosed.
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Old 01-11-2013, 07:53 PM
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I have a Baby Lock Crown Jewel and went to the 4 day class in St. Louis put on by Baby Lock. We were told to clean out the lint and oil the race after every other bobbin while quilting and to clean and oil before using if it has been awhile. The machine has a trip counter which keeps track of the number of stitches to let you know when it needs to be serviced. I have had it a year and a half and have not yet had it serviced. I think they said that if you use it alot, you may need to have it serviced yearly. The Crown Jewel is the same machine as the HQ Avante.
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Old 01-11-2013, 08:38 PM
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I have a viking and I do not take it in. I oil and clean it myself. Have not had a problem.
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Old 01-11-2013, 09:17 PM
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I have a Nolting FQ and I clean the bobbin case with every bobbin change, I oil the bobbin hook after every two bobbins and I oil it and warm it up each day when I am using it. If I do not use it for awhile I will oil it and warm it up for about 5 minutes each week. This is how the factory, where it was made, told me to take care of it.
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Old 01-12-2013, 01:20 AM
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I have an APQS Millenium and we plan on taking their maintenance class this spring so we can repair our own should the need arise. We are scrupulous about keeping it cleaned and oiled.
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Old 01-12-2013, 03:30 AM
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i have (machine/tech) vacuum attachments & between projects really give mine a good cleaning, i also maintain it constantly- as for brushing out all the lint & a drop of oil between bobbin changes- in the 9 years i've had my machine i took it in once for service- was quite unhappy when it came back- now if i need something i call the main company- talk to customer service- trouble shoot- if i need something they send it to me & hubby does the repair-replacement.
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Old 01-12-2013, 05:25 AM
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Thanks for all the comments. Yes, I clean and oil scrupulously also. But I have been quilting for the Operation Hurricane Sandy, and have done at least 20 quilts in the last few weeks. I do the Q-tip thing around the undercarriage and around the bobbin case, my bottom is not sealed either, but I cannot lift my machine to do maintainence under there; have to have someone lift it for me. The machine is fine, the fuse blew is all that happened. I chose my Viking because I love my service lady and my Viking Dealer. True, she only works on Vikings, but she has been servicing machines, both sewing and long arms for years.
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