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Average cost of quilting a quilt

Average cost of quilting a quilt

Old 08-28-2012, 05:25 AM
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Do you get to talk to the quilter.I insist on a consult with all my ladies.They have a very good idea how their quilt is going to look befor I start.I had an offer to pick up and drop off at a quilt shop in our area.But when I asked how I would consult with the customers,the shop owner said she would talk to them and let me know what they want.I didn't care for that idea.So I declined.They certainly know how to sell fabric,but quilt??????????not so much.You should insist on a consult with the quilter.Some people can't say what they want,because they don't know.But,I have found they definately know what they don't want.Insist.
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Even computerized machines allows for all types of quilting designs. We have a lady here that has one of the totally computerized ones and does wonderful work and she gets info from those that want it quilted as to what they are considering in pattern design to be quilted and goes accordingly.

Have you told them what type of design you want or have they asked? I'm assuming no. You should.

I know a couple other ladies you have longarms but not totally computerized and they do the same thing. They ask as to what design the person is considering and if they don't know they make recommendations.

As for price I've seen them charge anywhere from 1.5 cent per square inch to 2.5 cent per square inch and if anything is added they let customers know how much more it will be. Also depends on type threads is used.
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Originally Posted by Sandygirl View Post
Custom is always more expensive. The computerized designs are easier and cheaper. What made her think that she would be charged less????? The LA people need to do a better job of explaining the options and charges for their work. I am starting to compile a list o questions I need answered prior to contracting for the service. Perhaps the LA should also have a checklist too!


I totally agree! Custom designs always cost double or more depending on how much thread is used and extra time to do it.
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The quilters I use give me quite a variety of patterns to choose from. I would look around for someone that lets you choose the pattern you want. I have a lady that does an outstaning job. And I think inexpensive. She works out of her house, cash only, and charges about 1/3 to 1/2 what the quilt shops do. I have actually had her do a king size quilt and it only cost me $145. My quilt shop charged me $280 for a twin size. Quite a difference.
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Oh good thread, I am looking for someone too. I can't afford alot, and really don't even care how its quilted. I will be watching this thread : )
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The LQS I used to go to had several books of patterns and let people select their own designs. If it was a new one that the store didn't already own, they would split the cost with the customer in addition to their rates.
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hmmm maybe we should post by state of who offer services..
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I always do a consultation with my longarmer when I send them to her. She does both computerized and freehand quilting; it's always my choice. If it's computerized, there are more patterns than one can every look at. I've also taken patterns in and she can adapt those. I would seek out someone else to do your quilting. The suggestion of Charisma is great; she is an exquisite quilter!
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Our Intelliquilter (computer) can combine, split, and manipulate any design in lots of ways. We're only limited by our imagination. Time is the ultimate determining factor in custom designing. It takes time and skill to do true custom designs meaning something other than all over edge to edge quilting. Here in E Iowa the going rates are $.015 to $.02 per square inch for edge to edge. Custom usually ranges from $.03 - $.05 per square inch and up.
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