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Christmas Gift Bag

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Default Christmas Gift Bag

Hello Everyone!
I am new here. I joined to figure out a gift for my aunt who quilts. I have no background in sewing or quilting. I want to create a Christmas gift bag for her with some essential quilting tools. I have no clue where to start and how much to budget for the tools. Is $50-$100 a good price range to get her tools and what should I put in there? Do people even gift quilting tool kits? I know she will like something related to her hobby but where do I start?

Thank You so much for any help/advice in advance.
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Old 09-20-2018, 06:00 PM
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she will love this! A nice pair of 4" applique scissors, some machine needles (find out what kind of machine she has and then check at a quilting shop--they can steer you to what she'll use), sharp, glass head pins, a new rotary cutter and replacement blades, perhaps a small cutting mat that swivels...I could go on and on, but if you go into a quilt shop they will be able to help you load a basket with some great "goodies"!
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If she already quilts, she most likely has all the common tools that quilters use. You might want to contact her and see if there's something she really wants rather than buy her duplicates of what she already has.
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Old 09-20-2018, 07:31 PM
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​I think a gift certificate from her favourite quilt shop would be nice. You could also look into a gift certificate from Missouri Star Quilt co. since they do online sales.
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Old 09-20-2018, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by cashs_mom View Post
If she already quilts, she most likely has all the common tools that quilters use. You might want to contact her and see if there's something she really wants rather than buy her duplicates of what she already has.
This is what I was thinking also. I like the idea of a gift certificate, even though there are those who think it's impersonal and a "cop-out". For quilters I disagree.

A few years ago, my husband gave me a gift certificate to my favorite quilt shop. It was for a significant amount and lasted almost to the end of summer - what an awesome gift! Any time I wanted or needed anything, I didn't have to consider whether I had money in my budget. Don't worry if you have a small budget, quilters appreciate any amount. Or, another thought, get with other family members and have everyone contribute.
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Old 09-21-2018, 04:13 AM
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This is a great idea. It is a little difficult buying things for people’s established hobbies since they usually have their basic supplies, but there are some consumables that I think would be good in a gift bag:

*Marking pens/pencils
*Double-sided fusible (like Steam-a-Seam and Heat N Bond) - this is used a lot for appliqué, but it has other uses
*Elmer’s WASHABLE School Glue - this is a little jokey, but many quilters use it a lot, just make sure you get the washable glue - if you want another “in joke”, you could also buy her some freezer paper (availale next to the plastic wrap, wax paper, and aluminum foil at the grocery store)

I know you said tools, but I would also consider buying some fat quarters -- these are 1/4 yard squares of fabric and cost about $3 each (varies from region to region, so don’t panic if they’re charging more than that). I think this is a little more fun as a gift than, say, the aforementioned marking pens, and I think the vast majority of quilters would love to get them as a gift. A dozen of these in different fabrics sounds like it would be within your gift budget.

As far as non-consumable tools goes … maybe a specialty ruler? She likely already has a 6”x24” and some square ones. Most shops seem to sell the Creative Grids rulers, and they’re very good (non-slip). Maybe someone in a shop could recommend a popular one (I’ve heard a lot of people mention Stripology, though I don’t have one myself). The rulers run around $30 and up.

If you can, I would really recommend going to a small local quilt/fabric shop and purchasing there. They’ll have overall better quality items than the chain stores and the employees are usually more knowledgable. Olfa and Clover and two good brands that make a lot of tools and that you’ll find many places.

I hope something I’ve said here ends up being helpful!
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Old 09-21-2018, 05:12 AM
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I'm thinking of making some zipper bags for Christmas. I found a great bag site called Sew Sweetness. She has videos that show step by step how to do different bags, and she has some free patterns as well as patterns for sale. I just thought I'd mention this since you have limited experience sewing. Have fun!
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I like the idea of new blades for her rotary cutter. Also fat quarters. If you know she uses batiks, those would be great … or in her favorite colors. Maybe you have an idea of the types of fabrics she uses in her quilts. Machine needles are also a great idea. Maybe some good quality thread in neutral colors (white/off-white/gray). Then include a gift certificate if your budget allows. A local quilt shop might allow for exchanges if she wants something different. She will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.
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I have all the basics I need or I wouldn't be able to quilt. I would rather have a gift card to a quilt store then have someone choose my quilting items. A gift card to a quilt shop is personal. It can't be used for anything other then quilting.
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Very nice thought of you, Alex.

If she already quilts, like others have said, she probably has some of the basics. So what about finding a pattern that screams "Aunt Thelma" and then buy the pattern and materials to go with it?
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