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Do you have a favorite Quilt and if so Why? >

Do you have a favorite Quilt and if so Why?

Do you have a favorite Quilt and if so Why?

Old 06-19-2022, 03:16 AM
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Default Do you have a favorite Quilt and if so Why?

My favorite is the Quilt I made for my Mother. I have fun memories of picking out the fabric together. It was a block of the month pattern that my guild put together, so I also have fond memories of completing each block and bringing them each month to Sew & Tell.

Please share your favorite quilt story...it may be one that someone else made or that you received as a gift. Every quilt tells a story and that is why I enjoy quilting sew much!
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Choosing a favorite quilt is like choosing a favorite child. LOL I love them all. Maybe some of them not while in the making but once done, I love them.
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It sure is hard to pick just one favorite that stands out above the rest - certainly, some much more than others but I honestly can say that my favorite quilt is usually the one I just finished!
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Hard to pick just one favorite. So, I have several "my favorites" Ha, I remember when I was a kid, every time my siblings or I would end up breaking something of mom's it was "her favorite". Anyway, I am thinking of an old quilt that belonged to my grandmother. She was very poor, did not even have running water other than the hand pump in the yard and a two-holer out back. She made this quilt out of salvaged wool pieces mostly in dark colors. It was a crazy quilt type design without the fancy stitches. But every once in a while, she stitched a bit of whimsy into it. There was a bunny made from a gray piece, a butterfly made with some lighter colored wool, a squiggle caterpillar made from a row of brighter colored circles. My dad told stories of breaking ice on the water bucket in the morning but been warm and toasty under that quilt. It also is very heavy. I don't know what she used as batting. I hope somebody wants it after I am gone. It is not a fancy quilt, but with all those stories attached to it, It is one that can not be replaced.
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One of my favorite quilts is a stunning old quilt dated in the 19th century. It's in perfect condition and whoever made it was a quilt master.
However, the quilts I make are like asking me who my favorite child is. I can't decide. I love them all!!!
sewingpup- I love that story.
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My favourite quilt is one I was gifted from my best quilting friend when she died. It warms my heart that she was thinking of me when she put it aside for me to receive.
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My favorite quilt was one that my Great Aunt made back in the 40's. It had appliqued cats on it. Used it from my childhood until it was in shreds. I think about recreating it, but it wouldn't be the same. It was this quilt that inspired me to become a quilter.
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My favorite quilt is whichever quilt I just finished. 🤣
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I have two favorites. The first is a blue, purple, and green crumb bear's paw quilt. The "pad" part of the paw on each block is made from crumbs, and the claws are various small scraps. I love using up little pieces and making something beautiful from them.
The second favorite is made from Bonnie Hunter's "Star Struck" pattern. I made mine in autumn colors -- red, yellow, brown. I call it "The Curse of King Tut" because when I quilted it with King Tut thread I had an awful time, with skipped stitches everywhere. Later I learned that if I had used a top stitch needle I probably wouldn't have had that problem. I love King Tut thread and still use it -- with a top stitch needle.
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One from my grandmother because of the incredible memories and one from the other side of my family with incredible hand stitching. Both of these woman influenced me so much. They combined love of family and quilting, beauty and practicality, grace and grit, into everything they did.
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