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    Old 12-24-2015, 12:59 AM
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    I leave mine on when I'm cutting, pressing, etc. Generally I will turn it off when I'm out of the room. I've been sewing for over 55 years and don't think I've ever had to replace a bulb in the 3 machines I've owned over that time period. This brings up another question for me that I will start a new thread on about surge protectors.
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    Old 12-24-2015, 09:25 AM
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    I'm using my 15 yr old Viking D1 and at times I leave it on the entire time I'm sewing, pressing and back to sewing. This could be 4 - 7 hrs at a time and as you can see its still going strong. Also I've learned how to change my lightbulbs myself and always have a spare in case it goes. I don't live near a large city to pick a lightbulb up quickly so always keeps spares of parts that might go more quickly than others. My last lighbulb lasted 5 years and still didn't go out but when I took it in for normal service the guy mentioned the bulbs (2) were just about ready to go out on me so had him change them both. Never fails when one goes out the other one is just on the tail of the 1st one to follow.

    One time I left the machine on all night as I forgot I had left it on. I tend to do that with my iron too but it has an automatic off if left alone for a period of time. Just last night I thought I had left it on but this morning I found I had turned it off. Thank goodness.
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    Old 12-24-2015, 10:14 AM
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    I turn my machine on at the beginning of a sewing session and leave it on till I'm finished for the day. I've had my machine for 5+ years and haven't had to replace the bulb, although it might have been replaced when I took it in for regular maintenance.
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    Old 12-25-2015, 08:19 AM
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    Originally Posted by Belfrybat
    Just curious why the big deal about a light burning out? They are inexpensive and easy to replace on every machine I've ever had. I leave my machine on most of the day if I'm sewing. I always turn it off at night, when leaving the house, or if I know I've finished for the day. The only time a light burned out on one of my machines was on a 1962 Pfaff that had been in regular use for over 30 years. I think the bulb cost around $4.00.
    My lights are "hermetically" sealed. (well, it seems as though.) I think only the repair shop can get to them. I can't just change the light bulb. Someone told me, don't know this for a fact, that the bulbs can't be replaced, but they should last a lifetime. Also, my machine is computerized, and my son told me that it is hard on a computer to turn it off and on each night and day so I should just let it sleep. I wonder how hard on my computerized sewing machine it is to constantly turn it off and on as I use it from morning to night with long breaks in between. So, anyway, I doubt if you were asking the question about what the big deal is about the sewing machine light, so this is why. Mine probably can't be replaced. If so, only in the repair shop which costs around $180.00 to send it there. (PS I can't turn off my lights without closing down the entire computerized machine, unlike my 1970 New Home where the light and the machine are two different switches.)

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