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Do you leave your sewing machine on?

Do you leave your sewing machine on?

Old 03-18-2015, 05:48 AM
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Default Do you leave your sewing machine on?

While you iron or piece, do you leave your sewing machine on? I argue with myself everyday over this question because I don't want my light bulb to burn out because I leave it on so often. One lady told me she leaves her sewing machine on all day.

With my old New Home wonderful sewing machine, there was an off/on switch for the light and I left my machine on year round with light off until I needed it. With my new sewing machine there is no way to turn off the light without turning off the entire sewing machine.

The reason why this is a big deal for me is because turning the machine on and off throughout the day causes that burst of electricity that is pretty hard on the light, and maybe even the machine itself. Haven't you ever had a light bulb blow out as soon as you turned it on --- because of the extra burst of electricity.

And along with this question, how long can I expect my machine light to last?


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Old 03-18-2015, 05:54 AM
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I've always left my machine on while ironing, cutting, etc. Never had a bulb burn out in all my years of sewing. When I leave the room I turn machine off and unplug from power strip so there's no chance of power surges hurting my machine.
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I leave the machine on to stop and press. If I can't get back to sewing within a reasonable time, then I turn it off.
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Old 03-18-2015, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by bjgallent View Post
I leave the machine on to stop and press. If I can't get back to sewing within a reasonable time, then I turn it off.
Essentially this is what I do as well. I will say, my iron is plugged into the other side of the room, hence a different circuit than my sewing machine. The machine is plugged into a surge protector.
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Originally Posted by bjgallent View Post
I leave the machine on to stop and press. If I can't get back to sewing within a reasonable time, then I turn it off.
This is me, too.

My machine faces the wall so it's hard to see if it's still on, and I've accidentally left it on overnight before. So now I have it and my gooseneck lamp plugged into a power strip and left switched on, and I use the power strip switch to turn everything on and off. So if I'm across the room, I can tell if the sewing machine is on because the lamp is also on - much harder to forget!
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My machine is on while I'm sewing. I don't turn it off if I get up to iron or cut. I do turn my machine off and unplug it if I get up and leave the room to take the dog out, get a meal, or if I leave the house.
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Depending on how long I'm going to be away from my machine I usually leave it on most of the time that I'm in my sewing room. If I'm going to be cutting a lot or searching for something I may turn off the light as it does get hot.
The light on my mom's machine did burn out once, but it was probably 20-30 years old by then. Don't know if the bulbs for the newer machines are that long lived or not. Haven't had to replace the bulb on my featherweight yet and have had it about 6 years.
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I turn it on at the beginning of my sewing session, and leave it on if I have to iron or cut, then turn it off when I stop, usually to make dinner . I mean they just ate yesterday!
As far as posts being moved, there's a brief explanation of the forums on the home page:
One of the biggest reasons I see stuff getting moved is if it's a show-and-tell pic, it goes in pictures. If you post a picture to ask a question (what color sashing etc), it goes in main.
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My iron and sewing machines are on 2 different circuits and surge protectors. My iron shuts off automatically but as a precaution because I've always done it when I was a hairdresser was to unplug the surge protectors also. When I saw the cord suspended in a handle on the drawer I knew it was safe. I am able to see from a distance if all is safe. I personally don't believe the new energy efficient bulbs last as long. I have replaced every bulb in my home twice this year. They were all the energy efficient corkscrew shape bulbs. The exception is the bulbs on the machines. I have a package that came with the 401 an there were 2 bulbs. Date back to 2008 written by previous owner, I'm assuming. The bulb for my2662 is original and that is about 10 years.
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If I am in the room, my iron and sewing machine are left on. But if I leave the room, both are shut off. I also have both plugged into electrical surge protectors to prevent damage from electrical surges since we have a lot of severe lightening and thunderstorms in Oklahoma.
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